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U18Chan Review

~ Pros ~

U18Chan, U18ChanLots of porn categories

U18Chan, U18ChanFeatures porn news and FAQs

U18Chan, U18ChanFeatures an helpful board guide

U18Chan, U18ChanLots of furry porn

U18Chan, U18ChanFeatures animated furries photos

U18Chan, U18Chan Has porn games

~ Cons ~ 

U18Chan, U18ChanStrict community rules

U18Chan, U18ChanSearch box is not on home page

U18Chan, U18ChanNo porn videos


    There are two sides of thought. One side has it that U18Chan is named after a submarine from World War 2 with a less than stellar history. The boat in question was of a type the Germans mostly used for training and coastal patrol work.

    Another school of thought has it that the site is actually so named because the founder is fascinated with subs and is a masochist who wishes that a bigger penis than his would ram into his asshole with all possible violence. We surely would love to be there when that happens!

Anyway, there is no denying that U18Chan.com and its owners have a sort of naval background. Or that it kind of resembles 4Chan…. Here’s our 4Chan review.

A Torpedo In The Butt!

    Blackish it is. We are referring to the homepage and it is as blackish as charcoal.
At the top right are Dark and Sky buttons, plus the Home and Manage buttons. Clicking the Sky button changes the background color to a sort of sky blue that’s rather fetching.

    The top left has tabs like Furry Related, The Basement, General, Indices and Miscellaneous. All of these tabs are equipped with a pull-down menu that lets folks dive a little deeper into the goodies on this site.

    The Furry Related tab and its pull-down menu, for instance, allows access to a wide range of furry-related content, including comics. The Basement tab has a lot of gory and dark stuff, while the General tab hosts boards related to weaponry, tech, literature, music, videos and more.

    The Indices tab indexes the content on this message board, while the Miscellaneous tab some general and off-topic content.

Homepage Madness

    Like any message board that deserves respect, U18Chan’s homepage has some recent posts and news. There’s also a FAQ and Rules section for newbies. Homepage posts, however, are not very recent. The last of these was in December 2019 and it announced a planned outage of a few hours

    There’s plenty of loli and furry porn here, plus comics, but no really adult stuff that we could see. No single porn star pic or vid or even a GIF of a human slut taking a cock in her holes.

    More, the lack of a search bar makes searching for content like normal porn a tiresome exercise.

What We Think

    U18Chan.com could be a paradise for loli and furry lovers. Straight or gay porn does not seem available though and the overall site design is bound to be confusing for newbies.

    Overall, we like what U18Chan is doing and the many ways it keeps us entertained during these trying times. While it does not offer the kind of content we need to cum and bring the roof down, it does have a charm that keeps most folks smiling like they are chewing on a steak!