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TurboGVideos Review

~ Pros ~

turbogvideos, TurboGVideosIt has both simple sex and very naughty sex videos

turbogvideos, TurboGVideosTurboGVideos offers a helpful search feature

turbogvideos, TurboGVideosThere is a lot of free stuff here

turbogvideos, TurboGVideosLots of videos on HD

turbogvideos, TurboGVideosSex site compatible with mobile phones

~ Cons ~ 

turbogvideos, TurboGVideos

The site design is too simple

turbogvideos, TurboGVideosYou just have four gay porn tabs to choose from

turbogvideos, TurboGVideosReally annoying ads spoil your fun


    Our focus a few days of this week is on reviewing a handful of gay porn sites. We have been hard at work since and this week will be taking a hard look at TurboGVideos.com. Right off the bat, you need to know that we weren’t all that impressed with this gay XXX site, with its name, in particular, sounding like it stores clips of turbo and racing cars of all makes. Perhaps they should just rename it Turbo Gay Dick Videos or something!

    Anyway, here’s our mighty TurboGvideos review.

Turbo To The G!

    This review begins with the homepage and is an ordinary-looking one at best, though it is quite classy. The background color here is a deep black and not all of the content is in English. There’s a couple of search bars plus tabs whose uses we have not been able to figure out.

    The homepage has the usual array of video thumbnails. Featured titles include Stepping Up- Aspen and Evan Landers, Numero 110 and Young Innocent Dutch Weaver Shows Us His Exhibitionist Side. These videos come from studios like Chaos Men, Staxxus, Hoty Guys Fuck, MEN and Dirty Scout and are as hardcore as sin.

    There does not appear to be any images and most of the content show amateurs doing what they do best. And that, of course, is putting their cocks into whatever hole is tight and warm enough!

    Video playback speeds are OK, while the quality is more than acceptable. Once you are done watching a video you can download it and even leave comments. Membership is not required here, with free access to everything being permitted.

What We Think

    First, we think the site designer behind TurboGVideos.com needs to be hogtied and fed to a pack of mountain lions. The reason is that the site design is one of the worst we have ever come across. Nothing is arranged intuitively and the site is a nightmare to navigate. There are no discernible categories and the search bars are about as useful as having a dick implanted on your forehead! Ads aplenty abound, to the point that the whole experience quickly gets are pleasurable as pulling baby teeth out of the mouth of a toddler!

    Overall we think this site is a total disaster and that folks are better off getting their kicks elsewhere at better gay porn sites that are more serious about what they do