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TubeBigCock.com is dead!


TubeBigCock Review

~ Pros ~

Very simple site design

Has lots of content

No ads

Plenty of tags and categories

~ Cons ~

❌ Hosts zero content

❌ Very average site features

❌ Very average site design


    You know, people do spend fortunes on exercise, surgery, supplements, and the like whose purpose is to give them a mighty third leg they can stand on and be proud of! Having a big cock makes you a big man, at least in your own eyes. Plus the ladies tend to notice when you carry heavy artillery and will show greater respect once alert to the fact that you can awfully damage the cunt they are always pampering with that primed bazooka in your shorts!

    Now, I intend to review a site focused on massive cocks. Called Tube Big Cock com, it has been advertising itself as the go-to place for all things to do with penises bigger than airplanes and the damage they inflict on tight holes that can only stretch so far. Like I decided I better go have a good look at this big penis site and the arsenal that the performers are loaded up with and hopefully decide once and for all if big cocks are all that they are cracked up to be and worth the inconvenience of toting around!

    Here’s my TubeBigCock.com review. Be sure to read it through if your boner brushes the ground when you rolling!

All The Huge Cocks You Can Handle!

    On Tube Big Cock, the homepage is crammed with image thumbnails advertising varied XXX categories like Wrestling Movies, Bathroom Movies, Underwater Movies, Pussy Movies, and Office Sex Movies. For sure I haven’t heard of that kind of categories before!

    Near the bottom are different XXX site links, plus categories like Road Sex Tubes, Jeans Tubes, Arabian Tubes, and Dress Tubes. There are absolutely no tabs on the homepage and not even a search bar. Entrance is free and you don't need to register or log in.

    I would say the overall design is standard but average, with the homepage being over-crammed with image category thumbnails and that’s never a good thing.

Big Cock Movies

    There’s a Big Cock Movie category image thumbnail and this was the first place I dived into. Content here and elsewhere have a tiny title and the run time is displayed. At the top of this category page is a Category link, plus a Newest link that actually works. Click on the latter and you get results with the dates displayed. Unfortunately, the most recent content in this section was added in the latter days of July 2021. That’s like 2 months ago. So much for regular content updates.

    Now, there are 110 pages of content in the Big Cock section, with titles like She’s Ready For A Monster Cock In Her Pussy, Naughty Blonde Doctor Sitting On A Patient’s Cock, Latina Girl Slammed From Behind By Big Black Cock and 14-inch Black Cock Sprays Her. Videos in this section are 8-7 minutes long on average, with a few full-length flicks scattered here and there.

    So, I got my Vaseline all warmed up for this review and already had my dick oiled up, when I discovered that Tube Big Cock com actually functions as a porn aggregator site. What this means is that nothing is hosted on the site itself and every click on all content will take you off-site to Pornhub, Porn4, MegaXH, and the like. Oh yeah, that was quite the disappointment, but you can be sure that I wasn’t so disappointed I failed to milk that cum-pregnant cock I was holding!

    As a porn aggregator site, TubeBigCock.com is not all that bad, but it could do with more dedication on the part of the fella running it, more recent content -the newest stuff in most sections is from August 31-, a better and more user-optimized site design, and more honesty right out of the gate.

What I Think TubeBigCock

    As a porn aggregator site, Tube Big Cock is a good choice, especially if the kind of porn you like features males and females with cocks a ninja could scale a wall with! But as a porn site, I really wouldn’t recommend it to my mother-in-law and I hate that bitch worse than I do weaponized ebola!

    In conclusion, you are welcome to try out Tube Big Cock if you want directions to the biggest cache of mandigo-focused content on the internet. I would suggest you look elsewhere if your dreams and expectations are loftier!

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