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Tsumino Review

~ Pros ~

Neat and user friendly website

Good quality hentai

Mangas for pornographic comic book readers

A good number of tags

~ Cons ~ 



    Ever watched porn during a tsunami? I guess you haven’t. But chances are you could find porn videos where the fuckers hit themselves so hard it feels like a tsunami was taking place on your screen. Now, you could easily mistake the word Tsumino for Tsunami if you don't look close enough. But come to think of it, if I describe the rate at which Hentai is gaining relevance as a tsunami, I might not be too far from the truth. Many perverts are staying up all night watching and stroking their horny as fuck genitals to hentai. Hentai, which is Japanese animated porn is exploring sexual themes that porn has been unable to. So if these guys want to make a scene where a slut takes a monstrous dick down her ass, and it pops out from her mouth, they sure can.

    Well, I wouldn't be telling you about Hentai if I hadn't watched and enjoyed some myself. I started watching anime before I discovered hentai. I still watch anime, but when it's time to feed my eyes with very naughty content, hentai does the job perfectly. Like myself, I'm sure you enjoy watching erotic animations, and that's why you are here searching for a website you could feed on for your cravings' sake.

    So this is exactly why I'll be writing a Tsumino review. Tsumino looks like it could be your regular one-stop site when in need of a quick jerk-off-lotion-aided release to hentai. Find out already, pervert brethren.

The porno side of Anime

    Anime and Hentais are very similar in their setting. Both are Japanese in origin, and the Japanese culture is reflected in them. The difference between anime and hentai is that in Hentai these bitchy cartoon characters fuck themselves. Hentai is as porn as porn can be. It is like watching an anime where instead of fight scenes, you see hardcore penetration, more like the battle of the genitals. I would encourage every anime lover to try out hentai every now and then, as they would love what they see.

    And speaking of loving what you see, I loved what I saw on the homepage of Tsumino.com. By default, you will see the covers of adult Mangas displayed on the page. Mangas are actually Japanese comic books, but what you see here isn't just comics, these are porn comics, and they sure look like they would make an interesting read. But I came here for Video porn and not to read comics.

    At the top of the page are 8 icons, and the second icon on the list is tagged videos. Now that's exactly what I was looking for. The video gallery is quite similar to the one for books except that thumbnails here are for hentai, not manga. I like the size and arrangement of the thumbnails, the website is very user-friendly, and its interface is pretty neat. Still at the top of the page, you will find an Icon tagged “definitions”. This is like a dictionary to help you understand all the new Japanese words you will encounter while reading or watching the content here. That is a whole new level of user-friendliness. Some thinking dick thought it wise to include a dictionary? Holy testicles!! This is some impressive intelligent perversion!

    Okay, moving on with the features you’d find here. To see the list of tags on this website, you’d have to click on the tags icon. Other websites would refer to these as categories, but here, they prefer to use tags. The random icon, when clicked randomly selects a video or a book for you. That icon never repeats a result. If you feel like letting the site choose for you, click on that icon.

Watch Animes fuck

    The videos here are really creative and naughty. Usually every video belongs to a collection which you will find in the section titled “collection details” on the page you are directed to after clicking on the video. You can choose to watch the full collection if you want to give your testicles a swell time. The page displaying your selected video is like everything else on this site, well-arranged. The title, uploader, date of upload, duration, ratings, collection to which a video belongs and tags are all listed.

    Most of the videos here are of average length, falling between 15 to 20 minutes. That's usually the length of animes, so hentai isn't much different. As regards quality, the videos here are top quality adult animation. The Japanese theme reflects in the porn here, and if you are familiar with Asian porn, you will know just how kinky they are. Hentais are no different. In fact they turn it up a notch when it comes to fetish and other extreme things you will love to see.

    You can also create your own personal list by liking videos that make your balls tingle and that give you a cum rush in no time. To see your list, go back to the homepage where you will find four buttons just above the gallery. Select the button written “my stuff" and you will see all you have liked. Also, the button written “experimental" is provided to help you filter out content you don't want to see.

What I Think

    Tsumino.com is a very user-friendly website. Specific instructions are placed in easy-to-locate spots all over the site. I enjoyed not only the content but the ease with which I could navigate the website. And speaking of the content here, you will most definitely have your boners happy from what you see. Hentai is exciting in a freaky way, and I believe you are just as much a freak as I am. Invest your jerk off lotion here.

Tsumino, Tsumino

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