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TSEscorts Review

~ Pros ~

Advanced filtering options

Clean looking site

Extreme range of language options

Shemales galore

Great range of supported countries

VIP and verified escorts

~ Cons ~

❌ Spam

❌ Not every supported country is actually supported


    The TS in TSescorts refers to trans and yeah, the site has nothing but escort profiles of great-looking women who have tits your local thots would kill to have, as well as cocks even Johnny Sins might envy! Such a rad combination can briefly drive you insane, especially when you hire a trans escort and she insists on first breastfeeding you, before hibernating her anaconda in the receptive hidey-hole that’s your rectum! Not in the mood for that to happen? Well then, tough tit, and good luck to cocky lady loves!

    Now, TSescorts has a big presence in the trans escort universe. So, I plan on giving it a good going over and will be sniffing up back alleys and clenched assholes that just might be holding a lot of curried secrets!

    Here is my TSescorts.com review, fellas. Read it and weep if you have ever seen the kind of tranny dick that obliges you to look up wheelchair prices online!

TSescorts Has T-Tailed Cum Gobblers!

    TSescorts.com has a rather minimalist design. The place is stark and white as tightly packed snow and things are set up as simply as possible. That way, even if decades of ardent fapping have left you with like a trio of brain cells, there’s still an excellent chance you would be able to find your way around this place! That said, I am not a fan of stark-looking porn sites and escort sites and like them as colorful as the pinkest escort pussies that can be had for a Benjamin a pop!

    Apart from being white and simple, this place is expansive and does not have the usual look of other escort sites whose home pages are crammed with user options and/or escort thumbnails. And yeah, that can be frustrating to see, to the point you almost feel like scratching your eyes out, or popping them into the business end of a sling and catapulting the whole thing up the asshole of a BBW escort or model-worthy trans hottie.

    Worth noting is that the looks on this escort trans site are not user-adjustable. That means there’s nothing like a Light/Dark mode here, which would have come in handy. But then, not too many porn sites, let alone escort sites have such features enabled, no matter how rad such user features might be and how they help users feel in control.

Site Features on Ts Escort You Can Tranny Fuck A Rock For!

    Like I said, this is a really easy tranny escort site to figure out and put to use. That matters in times like these when site designers seem to derive some satisfaction in making their creations look and feel like overly complex Lego pieces designed for the more autistic and genius-worthy of us.

    Dominating the top of the TSescorts homepage is a box that has an About Us to the left of it and a list of US cities to the right. Also featured is a search box with which you can search for escorts with dicks. The very top of the page has a stylish site logo at the extreme left, a language option with support for over 60 languages in the top middle, and a Change Location option, plus Chat, Login, Advertise and Feedback options.

    While I do admire the very extensive list of language options and supported countries here, I do have to point out that advanced search is not supported. That means you can’t look for your dream shemale, tranny, or ladyboy by body type, race, ethnicity, and that kind of thing, and that is rather limiting for a site that bills itself as the best thing to happen for tranny escorts since sliced bread and doggy style jackhammer fucks that sound like earthquakes of the kind that’s activated when Mother Nature gets a tectonic plate rubbing her clit something fierce! Sure, some of you might feel that advanced search options are not all that necessary and might be right. But the time-saving potential, effectiveness, and convenience of such options are totally off the charts and that’s on Mary had a little lamb who had a little dick that was often between Mary’s gap tooth!

    Now, advertising your services on this trans escort US site is not free, but at least they charge you a flat rate and you don’t have to pay commission on every client you attract who takes you somewhere and gives you the kind of asshole stretching that emergency room repairs were born for! And the Change Location option lets you pick any country to search for tranny escorts, with the US being the main supported country. But yeah, on TSescorts, you can search for escorts in places as exotic as Cuba, Macao, UAE, South Africa, Andorra, and even Saudi Arabia.

    Anyway, scrolling down the homepage gives you a selection of US states and cities, plus some countries of the world and their cities. Near the bottom of the homepage is an exhaustive About Us, plus links to contact the site admin and get on the Twitter -now X- page of this place. TSescorts has less than 6K followers on X though and the last post there was in mid 2018. For sure the admin of this trans escorts site has been too busy tonguing trans dick to remember he has a Twitter page that needs regular doses of new content. Not that I blame that fucker much, especially given how engrossing trans anacondas can be when wrapped around your neck or all up in your small intestine right after an anal invasion!

Register Your Vertically-Inclined Tranny Erections on Ts Escort!

    It costs nada to register on this US trans escort site- as a client and not an escort. But do note that you will need to verify your registration via your phone number and not your email. Yeah, the fuckers here will send your line a code. Of course, you don't need to register to use this site for what it was designed for, but registration gives you more options.

    But while TS Escorts promises it won’t let third parties access your phone details, I would suggest that such assurances be taken with a healthy dose of sodium. So, if privacy is an overriding need of yours and you are just after a quick visit to a shemale escort site like this, then forgo all that registering nonsense and have fun without putting your details down anywhere. Or use a fake number from the net, or better still a number belonging to your ex, mother-in-law, or least favorite street shot!

Tranny Escorts Engorged For Total Titty Fucks!

    TSescorts.com is all about shemales. Yeah, it only has chicks with dicks. So searching for anything other than that, or coming to this escort trans site with a different expectation is setting yourself up for extreme disappointment. If shemales are not on your menu, then kindly take your pretty self elsewhere, because shemales of varied makes and abilities are all that this escorts US place has to showcase to the world and the aliens up on Mars!

    Now, there are no shemale escort profiles on the TSescorts.com homepage and that like I said up there makes this place look a bit too utilitarian. Having escort profiles on the homepage would have done a lot to brighten up the stark site design and there sure could have been a way to put these profiles on the homepage without subtracting from the overall look or theme.

    Accessing trans escort profiles on this site is however as simple as clicking on a location of your choice. That could be a city or country and worth noting is that while there are a lot of listed cities and countries, the US is the grand pappy of them all and by far the most supported. And that is why when you click on a country like Saudi Arabia, the only supposedly shemale escort profile to be found there is just a link to a shemale cam site.

    Washington DC , on the other hand, has escorts like Amanda London, Hung White TS, and Miss Kake. And oh, these are all VIP escorts, with the profiles of the regular kind of escorts becoming visible when you scroll down. Exactly what makes a VIP escort here VIP is what I have no idea, but it is my guess the chicks pay for the VIP tag. Or they get fucked by a VIP and have to take a liter of the VIP cum to the TSescorts site admin for verification!

    An oh, I was grousing over the lack of advanced options here, remember? Well, when you scroll down escort profile pages, you will find a long list of these options. You can then select shemales of specific hair and eye color, ethnicity, nationality, language, and that kind of shit. Exactly why these options are not on the homepage and only become available when you start looking through shemale escort profile pages is what I am not in the mood to analyze. And neither am I in the mood to analyze why there are no options to sort escorts by their being online at the time you are browsing through this place.

    Remember Miss Kake? She’s a fab booty ebony with big tits and long legs who wants you to stay the fuck home if you are bored and leave well alone if you are broke ass. She calls herself the baddest shemale around, hates bargain hunters, wears 38DD bras, and charges $10,000 and up per incall/outcall hour. And yeah, that’s not a typo. For the kind of money this shemale escort is asking for, she better have a hole that delivers liters of immortality liquid when you are giving it the relentless jackhammer treatment!

    Then there’s Hung White TS. She’s a VIP too but charges a more reasonable $300 per incall/outcall hour. This chick is fluent in English, Spanish, Arabic, and French and is 5 '10, 25 years old, and in possession of long and sloping tits that typically find comfort and consolation in 40DD bras. She’s also ready to put on cam shows, has an OnlyFans, possesses some serious curves and beauty, and as the name makes clear is hung like a stallion that dreams of permanently fucking the world up!

    Over in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is Mica Anne. She is a 24-year-old Filipino with a slim build and a rather beautiful face. Her charges start at $250 and she has an average-sized cock that looks just the thing for insertion into a peanut butter jar and sloppy licking up!

    Now, there are two main classes of escorts on TS Escorts- VIP and verified escorts. The VIP escorts are verified by default. The vast majority of the escorts here are also verified and I don’t need to tell y’all to keep your focus on verified escorts only, do I? And as regards escort quality on this escorts shemale site, I would rate that as fair to excellent.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of TSescorts

    Color is grossly lacking on this trans escort US site, but this place heavily impresses when it comes to user options and escort numbers. TSescorts sets a standard that other shemale escort sites would be hard-pressed to match and there doesn’t seem to be any that’s bigger and better than it at matching shemale cocks with gulping client gullets!

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