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TruyenHentai Review

~ Pros ~

Reasonably content-jacked


~ Cons ~

❌ Ads

❌ Undated content

❌ Low-quality content

❌ Site is meh

❌ Not many videos are available

❌ User options and features are wack


    Yeah, I am every bit as perplexed as y’all about the site name I am seeing here. Truyen-Hentai sounds like a Vietnamese restaurant being run by a fella who likes fapping to toon tentacle fucks and cumming into a basket of chopped up Yen notes. Guys like that are not above jerking off into your soup and then serving that to you with shit-eating grins, but that’s a story for another day when I say I’m gay in May.

    It is truyen time y’all. Here is my Truyen-Hentai.com review. Read it and weep, or get cooked to the marrow with a farrow!

Hentai Is The Way, The Truth, and The Fucking Finger Fuck!

    Wanna sashay your way inside this place? Well, you need to first click a box that says you are aware that this is a site meant for 18+ fellas. You aren’t 18? Then go play with your Lego set and keep looking up the skirt of the housekeeper for whatever you are expecting to find there and I hope it’s not a brotherly cock whose shape and erect style you can identify at a hundred paces!

    Once inside, Truyen-Hentai appears to be a cheery, if amateurish place. I feel the site real estate is not made the fullest use of and the page design is too stark for my taste. But then, if you are in a fapping mood, that won’t matter at all, with your aim being the speedy evacuation of that tankful of creamy juice your prostate and cock-led system produces on the daily and in quantities that should make the fire department consider hooking up water pipes to your privates anytime there’s a blaze they can’t handle!

    Anyway, around ⅓ of the site homepage is taken up by a collection dedicated to the anime chick of the day, a category list, and a link to the most advanced site member, who must have rubbed his cock raw to get celebrated, plus there’s a brief About Us. And at the bottom of the site homepage is a FAQ, category list, blog link, log-in, and sign-up links, stats and categories links, and everything else bar the kitchen sink and the pert booty of your ex perched on it, waiting for me to come home and perform a lengthy bit of ass gaping that should be the perfect constipation avoidance medication she could ever ask for!

    The options atop the page include sign-up and log-in links, a search option, and an Upload button. Tapping the search option will take you to a page filled with popular search terms, plus anime/game/hentai categories. Also featured there is a search bar, but there are no advanced options in place. As expected, you can only upload stuff if you are logged in and to log in, your ass needs to first get a membership card.

    For some reason, I wasn’t able to register here, even with a VPN in use. I guess the site admin blocked my ass for suggesting he go try an Alabama hot pocket with his kissing cousin!

Through Ten and Twenty!

    The main site options are in a trio of bars at the top left of the Truyen-Hentai homepage. Tapping that lets you change the default light mode to a light one, and tweak the language from English to around 23 other languages. Plus you get access to every other option from the bottom of the homepage, from stats to categories. Having all these options in an extensive list of tabs would have been the sensible thing to do, but there’s too much sex going around these days and not enough sense!

    So, blogs comprise the first set of content on the homepage and there’s a Discover The Blog button. Tapping that takes you to the blog page where titles like Hentai Novel Game Review: Succubus Girl, Anime Characters With The Most Unique and Striking Appearance, The Art of Futanari, Best Tentacle Hentai You Must Watch, and Best Hentai With Plot can be found. There are like 8 pages of blogs here and these seem well-written. Someone better get me the Nobel Prize committee for literature. Or not!

    After the blog section, you get a selection of content that was popular this week. Options in that area also support sorting by last week, rating, editor’s choice, most liked, most commented, trending today, and most viewed and much the same options are available on the Stats page. Scroll further down and there will be some videos, images, and GIFs. There are no GIF, image, and video tabs though, which would have enabled very direct access to that particular kind of content. Plus there are listed videos that are unavailable for some reason.

    Anyway, the supported categories and genres seem okay enough and they can be accessed via the Categories tab. There’s 3D, ahegao, anime, Disney, hentai GIFs, and even hentai cum categories. But there are no options on the Categories page to let you sort by popularity, rating, and that sort of thing. Videos are also not readily available and you might need to click on Video in the Categories box to set eyes on them videos, with pictures and GIFs seemingly predominating here.

    Overwatch is one of the supported genres here and it has nearly 2K content, with titles like Sombra, DVA At The Pool, Tracer In Paradise, A Fit Pharah, Seductive Therapy, Tracer Squat, and Widowmaker Is Waiting For You. The latter is a picture that shows a nude and blue-colored female. She’s sitting up on a bed, with her arms over her head and her legs open. And yeah, she does look like she’s waiting for you to come give her an inky injection that’s gonna make her fat cunt look like it barely survived an apocalyptic zombie beat down!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Truyen-Hentai

    This place has a name that makes no sense and site features, plus user options that also make no sense. I cannot recommend it, not for all the fine Korean puss you can squeeze onto a platter that’s a mile long and a kilometer wide!

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