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TittyKings Review

~ Pros ~


Dope to use

Both videos and photos up for grabs

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Pop up ads

❌ Average site design and features

❌ Not as loaded with videos as bigger sites

❌ Currently does not let peeps mingle, talk and whatnot

❌ Downloads not supported by default


    Titty, titty, titty! Oh, how I loved to yell that word when I was a toddler and I so much enjoyed seeing the shocked looks on the faces of strangers whenever I was out and about my titty-yelling adventure! Of course, at that time I didn’t know what a titty was, only that the word sent adults into a sorta frenzy. But these days you could call me a titty expert and I would say it would fit like a glove considering all the titties I have sucked, juggled, manhandled, slapped with my ball sack, and milked!

    Anyway, here’s my TittyKings.com review. There are a lot of big tits on this pornsite and the pretty females these titties belong to sure could do with a solid length of cannon up their backside!

Go Titty, Go!

    See, to make it to TittyKings you need to have a very sizable pair of bazoongas and your behind needs to be of the big, juicy and seductive kind that’s most perfect for cuddling up to in the wilds of Siberia! Babes who fall into this category include Lauren Phillips, Haley Reed, Sharon Lee, and Holly Garner. A list of these top babes is at the left of the homepage, just about a similarly vertical list of top categories like Big Tit MILF, Big Tit Latinas, and Big Tit Thots. And oh, there’s some tranny porn here too, just in case you are the type to get jealous of ladies who happen to have plumbing that’s longer than what you and your friends can boast!

    Now, let’s do a sexy pivot and discuss the site features and design. TittyKings.com has an average page set up with a white background. There’s an acceptable selection of site features, but the whole thing lacks glamour. I am saying it looks too ordinary to be taken for even the bastard child of Pornhub and Empressleak. Of course, it is not a must that a pornsite must be slick and garish, but stuff like that tends to attract users who get off on the eye candy as much as they do on the smut.

    You will find sign-up and login tabs at the top right of the homepage of this massive bosom-loving site. Membership is free and it will take you around 20-30 seconds to register. With a membership card, you can subscribe to porn feeds, add smut to your list of favorites, upload content and even send messages to other members. Sounds exciting, right? Well, apart from being able to communicate with members, there isn’t any convincing reason to sign up, especially if you aren’t into big-titted freaks who nurse a secret desire to brain you with the mountain of jelly they are lugging around on their chest! And then there’s the fact there actually aren’t other members on this site, at least none that can be seen and related with and the only feed you can subscribe to is that of TittyKings. Plus the only one you can send messages to is TittyKings. That’s so fucked up.

    Anyway, the main content sorting tools on this big bosom site comprise a search bar and several tabs. The latter include the Latest, Most Viewed, Photos, Categories, Babes, Best Porn Sites, and Free Live Sex Cams tabs. And let’s not forget the small list of top babes and categories at the left of the page that I mentioned before. And oh, there are some tags at the bottom of the homepage if you can convince yourself to scroll down far enough to see them.

    Tapping on the last two tabs on TittyFucks, sorry, TittyKings will open up a new page on which will load RabbitReviews and Bongacams. I don’t need to tell you what these sites are all about, do I? The Babes tab on the other hand is pretty solid and has an alphabetical collection of all big-breasted babes. There’s a lot of these girls out of all tribes and nations and the only thing they have in common is that there are enough juice bags on their chest to feed a corps of starving troops! There is no model bio page though, but there sure are enough videos of these babes throwing their chest this way and that to make you forget your plans for the week!

    The rest of the tabs on TittyKings do what they say and you really should poke your eyes into the album gallery in the photo tab, for loads of professional quality images await. One of these albums was titled Numi Zarah- FTV Girls 3 and showcased a rather beautiful Eurasian chick with a big bosom and an even bigger behind. She‘s oval-faced, dark-skinned, and exceptionally good looking and her snatch is ultra-smooth and fatter than the bank account of an African dictator! The nude photos of this slut made me so hard it is still a wonder my cock didn’t shatter into a million pieces and with an explosive bang no less!

    There are next and previous buttons for browsing these photos, but what I missed was a zoom button/option for zooming areas of interest. Images cannot be saved by default, but you can share, rate, comment on and report them. There are usually no image descriptions, but several tags are included in each album that will make it possible to make educated guesses on the direction and identity of the sluts featured and what she/they are doing. But then you might be needing a mental evaluation if you require a tag to tell you what a chick spreading her legs before you is up to!

A Titty Sucker By Profession!

    Titty suckers could well have the easiest life of all! And we all know there’s nothing as calming as hefting a big melon breast, putting the nipple into your mouth, and doing your best to suck it dry! Right?

    Now, let’s talk about videos on this leak site full of sluts who need their bosoms madly milked! The update frequency is good, with multiple uploads happening almost daily. I am not sure how many videos there are, but it can’t be a lot. It should be a few thousand at the most.

    The video image thumbnails have preview capabilities and are sizable. The information posted on them includes their title, runtime, approval rating, upload date, quality, and the number of views. These videos were obtained from a variety of sources, including Brazzers, Vixen, CuckoldSessions, and Tiny4K.

    One Tiny4K video titled Tiny Asian Teens Gangbanged Silly By Great White Schlong made zero sense to me because the teens featured were tiny and had equally tiny tits. With boobs that small how in the hell did they make it to a pornsite dedicated to the celebration of big-breasted women? Anyway, I would consider videos like that an aberration, because the vast majority of the content here features ladies with jugs nearly as big as Texas and Montana combined!

    So, I fapped a little bit to a video titled Payton Preslee- Busty Beauty and the Big Dick Breast. Yeah, it doesn’t make much sense title-wise. This video is over 30 minutes long and from the stables of MOFOS. It opens with the Payton chick seated on a couch. A guy comes and undresses her, juggling her immense breasts and their pierced nipples. And oh, the guy doing the juggling is none other than the great JMac.

    They get nude, she sucks him and then rides him in a variety of positions. Did I mention that this chick had a great and jiggly ass, plus the kind of pussy that could accept every inch of a tank cannon? Well, at the end of this fuckathon, JMac blesses this thicc slut with his semen in her mouth. She seemed to love the load of ice cream he deposited on her tongue!

    Once on a TittyKings video page, you can leave comments, share that video, rate it or report it, as well as check out the available video screenshots. The embedded video player here is rather basic, but you don’t miss out on much. The video quality is HD for the most part and videos are clear and very watchable.

What I Think of TittyKings

    TittyKings sounds like something you don’t wanna nip in the bud, at least till you have had your fill from that nice titty tit! It has to be one of the first big tit-focused smut sites I have come across this year and is doing reasonably well in that niche.

    I would say it is worth a visit but needs to improve on usability and enable member interaction.

tittykings, TittyKings

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