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TikTits Review

~ Pros ~

Free downloads

Daily updates

Content jacked

HD content

~ Cons ~

❌ Meh site design

❌ No advanced search options

❌ Content quality can be shit


    Wanna make sure your site gets a lot of attention? Just do your best to put “tit” in the name. After all, who can say no to visiting places that might be hosting a booby convention, or jug-judging contest, with who else but ThePornGuy serving as the judge, jury, and pussy executioner/boob milker!

    Now, it is time to get all serious. There’s a place called TikTits.com, right? Well, it is all about serving the TikTok XXX niche, which aims at getting you stuffed with short and potent smut in a style and manner that mimics what you get on TikTok. You can think of this place as a more adult version of TikTok and newfangled sites like that makes all the sense in shaven snatch for TikTok addicts with attention spans that’s barely better than that seen on butterflies!

    Here is my TikTits.com review. Read it and weep if you need a kit full of prime tits before sundown and they better be hanging from a body that’s hot enough to get a woody desperate!

TikTok Fuck Till You Drop!

    Now, TikTits is a more expansive place than its smut focus might suggest. Based on the fact that I have been on more TikTok porn sites than Kim K got more cunt thrusts from Ray J’s ding-a-ling, I was expecting to see a very simple XXX site with a single video in the center of the screen, with your being obliged to scroll up and down to access more videos. But TikTits looks like most other porn sites and it takes some mental effort to remember that this place is patterned after the TikTok kind of smut that so many lately have been going crazy for, and is not a porn site that’s suffering a plague of excessively short videos!

    So, this place has user options up the kazoo. These options are atop the homepage and the homepage is also occupied with thumbnails of differing colors. And by the way, the site graphics is black and basic and boring as fuck and that’s the main thing to be disappointed about. Scrolling down gets you some trending tags like Fuck Me, Blonde, Wet Pussy, and No Bra, plus a selection of new creators, trending smut, and trending creators.

    The trending creators are not barely legal and illegal young’uns as some of you might be expecting. Yeah, TikTok might be chock full of teens and pre-teens, but TikTits does not seem all that eager to run afoul of federal laws, and every chick here looks to be around 18 at the very least, even the petite ones.

    Main site features include Upload and Login buttons on the top right of the homepage and yeah, you need a membership card before you can upload smutty goodies onto this place. Membership also lets you comment on videos and follow creators on this TikTok porn site, but you do need to verify your email. Main, Categories, Porn Games, Creator, Fetish Clips, Free Live Sex, and ThePornDude are the main tabs here, with the last 3 tabs being more useless than the farting behind of a firefighter working harder than a gas giant at putting out a fucking flaming inferno!

    Also present is a search option that’s more basic than a striped down Model T and tapping the trio of horizontal bars at the top left of the homepage will let you access trending, most liked, horizontal, vertical, and TikTok trend videos, as well as the newest, trending, verified and most viewed creators.

Teabag It If It Ticks!

    I’ve already mentioned that there’s a search option here, but it is as stupid as an eunuch who got a lobotomy on the same day his balls went snickety snack, right? Great!

    One of the trending XXX on this TikTok XXX site had a topless and heavily tattooed chick by the name of Kennedy Kay jumping around and showing off her butt. I clicked on her profile name and got taken to her page, with 20 other videos of her being available. These videos show her arching, drooling on herself, shaking all that her mama gave her and generally acting like she was on a mission to seduce the heavenly and satanic hosts and possibly delay the second coming! Or trigger a third cumming!

    Tapping the OnlyFans tag took me to some videos that could be sorted by latest, oldest, trending, and top. One of them was from Lizx5646 and was uploaded the day before this review. In the video, the petite Liz was tied up and frantically humping a fella. She had one of the smallest and firmest titties ever seen by these expert eyeballs of mine and her cunt had a fat heft to it. Clicking on her profile took me to a total of 4 videos, including one in which she’s arching for all she’s worth, while being drilled from the back.

    I also checked out Mya Molina in the Cute category. There was a video of her sitting on a bed with her legs crossed and a top that caught my eye. Her profile was packed with videos, but this bitch is just a tease and in none of these videos did she go full frontal. I did view a video of her shaking her nude bubble butt, with her cunt and asshole being visible for around a second and all I can say is wow to the highest!

    Now, the videos here are, of course, seconds long. Some have runtimes of 2 seconds, while others are a bit longer. A single click is all that’s needed to download a video and you can watch any video in full screen and share it via Reddit, Twitter, and Discord. Whether it should be a crime to wank to seconds long videos is something I am currently not in the mood to analyze!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of TikTits

    I feel like grabbing a baseball bat and battering the trendy shit out of this place. But worth bearing in mind is that TikTits is a cut above most other TikTok porn sites. That makes it worthy of a recommendation.

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