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TikPornTok.com is dead!


TikPornTok Review

~ Pros ~


Has a good range of content

No ads

~ Cons ~

❌ Poor content update schedule

❌ Not the easiest site to use

❌ Site features are average


     My mama didn’t raise me to be judgemental. But it is hard keeping a straight face and my emotions in check whenever I think of TikPornTok, or more specifically its name. For fuckety fuck fuckado sake there has to be a more creative name out there that lets you know that this is a site that deals in TikTok XXX and nothing else. Like what the hell is TikPornTok?

    Anyway, here’s my TikPornTok.com review and for sure it is as sweet as that pussy you nearly drowned in last week!

Have A Break, Have A TikTok Wank!

    You know, every couple of days at the least, we really should praise and thank the maker for bringing such a smut-filled society like ours into being. There’s an ocean of XXX on TV, the internet, and on almost every social media site, and not a few apps. What this means is that you can wank anywhere and anytime and don’t have to buy your smut from the local stores or beg it from your homies. What a relief! But I do kind of miss the thrill of stealing XXX magazines from friends and wanking to it in private while maintaining my choirboy demeanor!

     Now, TikPornTok.com has a very standard page setup that mimics a few low-budget porn sites that I have a passing familiarity with. The design is both simple and minimalistic and while they are not readily apparent, a good number of site features are supported.

     White is the default site background color, but there’s a black strip atop the page. Plus the video image thumbnails here have thick black borders at the sides and that’s too old school to be funny.

     Remember the black border at the top of the homepage and all pages that I was yakking about? Well, that’s where most of the site features are located. The most important of these is at the far left and consists of a pull-down menu that’s next to a search icon and a Random bar. There’s no advanced search function to be exploited here and the Random icon when clicked loads a random video that your boner might or not find appealing.

     Clicking the pull-down menu at the far left allows access to Media, Categories, Most Popular, Cookies Policy, and Disclaimer. The first three of these options have pull-down menus of their own. The pull-down menu in Media lets you have access to just videos or all posts containing varied contents. The one in the Category section lets you sort content by category. Unfortunately, there are only 3 categories here – TikTok Boobs, TikTok Nude, and TikTok Porn. And finally, the pull-down menu in the Most Popular section lets you see what content was the most popular today, this week, or this month.

     To the right are login and sign-up tabs and membership on this TikTok leak site is free and comes with some privileges. And just above the main video page here are the Home, Recent, and Category tabs/links and these are more easily accessible than those in the main pull-down menu at the top left.

Smut And Rut!

     Some magicking is afoot on TikTokPorn.com! See, by default, the content image thumbnails on the homepage lack preview functions and boast just a title. More of these are loaded when you reach the bottom of the homepage.

      The magic thing I was talking about is that the video image thumbnails on the site homepage look rather different from those on other pages. On the top left of these video pages are sorting options that let you check out the newest, most liked, and viewed, plus trending and random videos. Trending here is referred to as “Tranding,” which leads me to think that the person in charge of TikPornTok might not have finished high school.

     Content thumbnails on other pages also contain like thrice more information than those on the homepage. Whereas the content image thumbnails on the homepage have just a title and lack previews, the ones on other pages come with a preview function and on these thumbnails are displayed the name of the uploader, the category the content belongs to, the upload date, number of views, and approval rating.

     Updates on TikTokPorn happen almost every day, with 1-2 new content uploaded. Sample titles include Teen In The Bathroom Showed Her Boobs On TikTok, Such A Naughty Chick In TikTok With Huge Boobs, Do You Like Mexican Girls With Tiny Tits And A Juicy Ass, and Sexy Asian Bouncing Tits In TikTok Porn.

    The teen in the bathroom showing off her tits turned out to be Queenlivia00. Dunno if she is a teen, but she has a hella rack! In the video she doesn’t show her face and instead stands at a washbasin and washes her chest, showing off her immensely full and perky tits for all they are worth. She was wearing a black pair of panties, so I couldn’t see her slit.

    There’s an ebony-skinned chick whose video on TikPornTok that got the mouth of my boner beaded with moisture! I didn’t get her name and in her video, she’s shown kneeling on a carpet with a massive dildo in her that she was manipulating with one hand while the other was busy using an XXX toy to zap her clit.

     Her video was titled Chocolate Babe Masturbates Her Pussy On TikTok and is a sure watch. This African or Asian lass has one of the fullest and most perfect set of all-natural knockers I have ever had the privilege of brutally eye-fucking and I’m willing to go to war with the FBI just to have her sit on my face for an hour! And oh, she’s free to seize that opportunity to piss me off with her cute little pee hole!

     Now, video titles on this XXX site are often too long, pompous and inaccurate. Videos are short as to be expected and the vast majority are from a site called RedGifs, while the embedded video player is better than most. You can opt to watch content in SD or HD and share it on social media. Comments and content ratings are supported, but only if you have a membership card and are logged in.

What I Think TikPornTok

     This TikTok leak site has a name I would consider abrasive and doesn’t stand out from the pack in any way. It’s not the best or the worst out there, but you should probably check it out this weekend and see the flavor of cum you can get out of your genitalia!

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