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Tiava Review

~ Pros ~

Millions of videos to watch

Simple-to-use porn site

Full-length videos are included

High diversity of categories

Ability to Filter searches

~ Cons ~

❌ Premium content isn’t free


    All is set for me to go on a digital tour of Tiava – a free porn site that sounds more like a secret safe word during hardcore BDSM than a legitimate online destination for smut. If you've been wondering whether this porn site is a virtual treasure trove for an adventurous wanker or just another reason you should give up jerking and go feel the sunlight and touch grass for the first time in months, either way, you're in for a ride that would be as revealing as the clothing I like my sluts to come in. In this review, we'll all dive into the wet depths of this Tiava review to find out if there's more to it than just a tongue-twisting name!

Virtual Tour of Tiava

    Ah, Tiava, the Leonardo da Vinci of porn site color schemes! Who needs just one background color when you can have two that are in an eternal battle for your attention when you’d rather focus on the ass and titties on a display in the thumbnails? Pink and Purple, a match made in design chaos heaven! It’s not ugly though, I’ll admit. It sets the mood for you if it is your wish to jerk off to some futuristic porn featuring androids with tits and other sexy cyber shit.

    It’ll also be impossible, even if you tried, to miss the round-shaped animation picture of a girl with her titties out on the homepage beside Tiava.

    There are over 53 million videos and counting that are up for watch here on this porn site so you might have to rethink your life goals if you wanted to get on Tiava and challenge yourself to jack it to every video available like a true nut case. Anyway, you’re not gonna have access to all those videos to achieve that if you’re not ready to reach deeply into your purse from time to time.

    You’ll notice after you’ve clicked on the section that catches your attention that there are two types of videos available for your pleasure. One is Free and the other is Premium.

    The free videos are pretty much self-explanatory while Premium videos must be the crown jewels of internet porn since there’s so much gatekeeping going on. They're probably shot in 8K resolution by Harvard-trained film directors who moonlight as rocket scientists. Each one also probably comes with a built-in butler AI to fetch more lotion for you and adjust the temperature to your liking.

    Trying to watch a video is like the XXX version of a never-ending scavenger hunt with a GPS that is constantly lost. You should know beforehand that none of the videos on display can be watched on the porn site directly but are hosted on other multiple different porn sites in the true fashion of a porn Aggregator. You know you're in for a dick-confusing experience when the website's main function seems to be pulling you into a game of “click and seek" instead of hosting the porn videos themselves. It's like they're saying, “Why settle for one Ad-ridden host porn site when you can visit them all, one click at a time?"

    They do try to make your stay on the porn site not so tedious thanks to the tools on the page that lets you filter the videos in the section of the porn site that you are in. You can sort your videos out by Popularity, Date, Duration, and Rating. That is effective if you want some kind of control and you don’t want to feel like Stevie Wonder going through the porn section.

Categories and the rest of Tiava’s dirty closet

    Categories on this porn site are regularly updated and added to almost at the same rate as my porn collection. If you’ve got OCD and you like everything all properly arranged then be warned, this part of the porn site might have you nutting in your underwear before you see any real action. There’s an option to pick what letter your category starts from and below that is the full vertical list of all the categories available at that moment.

    Floating on that same page and also on the homepage are the icons that allow for changing languages, changing the thumbnail size, and changing the orientation of the porn you want to watch. There are loads of LGBQT+ content amongst the 53 million videos while there are up to 30 language options. The general vibe I’m getting is that the people behind this website want you to fap by all means necessary even if it’s the last thing you do.

    The rest of the sections alongside Categories are the usual suspects you’d expect to find in a porn site. They are; Home, Pornstars, Popular Videos, New Videos, Top Rated Videos, and Our Network. They were all quite basic to explore except for Pornstars. Names of the models are put alongside the amount of videos of them they’ve added so far. That’s great for those that are sick of drugs and would much rather overdose on thousands of their favorite porn stars' content in one place.

What The Porn Guy Thinks of Tiava

    Forget about prime destination vacations abroad; Tiava.com is all about the journey through a maze of pop-up ads on most of the host porn sites and navigating through millions of free and premium videos until you find the video that connects you to your wank like WiFi to your device. It's an adventure, alright – an adventure in patience! You are probably wondering at this point if The Porn Guy, the genius genie of all things porn related would recommend this porn site to you. It’s a damn shame I can’t also have my audience sensually rub my lamp first like a real genie before answering but the answer you seek is; Yeah, go on ahead and check them out because out of the millions of videos in different sections available, you’re gonna at least have a fighting chance to find what exactly works swimmingly for the fap of your dreams.

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