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~ Pros ~


Regular updates

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Pesky ads

❌ Trashy content quality

❌ Site looks about as pretty as the rona

❌ Wack user options

❌ No advanced search

❌ No direct downloads


    Gotta say it sure would be nice to have a bay where the finest sluts in the world reside, ready to spread it and take it in every possible jackhammer fuck kind of way! Acquainted with the kind of bay I just described? Well then don’t keep the location all to yourself and share it so that them sluts can hop off your limp dick and see what happens when a real man makes their coochie sing and get all sleek!

    Here’s my Slutbay review by the way. I came across the site a while back and figured I better put it under the microscope someday. Well, that someday is today, so better put the rein on your galloping one-eyed freak and check out the work of art I got here!

Baying For Slut-Fabulous Snatch!

    I might have said it before, but these days, there is enough porn on social media sites to make Pornhub and XVideos so nervous the site admins could daily fart frozen beer and boiling syrup! The poor things! And the sweet thing is that social media porn caters best to amateur XXX fans who like seeing people who could be their sisters, girlfriends and kissing cousins shaking their booty live and gobbling whatever dick they can get their mitts on! Will porn sites like Pornhub and XVideos go extinct someday? I very much doubt that and you can take that statement to the bank and use it to convince the bank manager to open her legs and let you suck some hefty loans from her hairy MILF cunt!

    Anyway, SlutBay has a very ordinary site design. It is just too average and when I see average stuff like that, I immediately feel that any porn site or leak site that does not take the time and trouble to pretty up its homepage and other pages is not all that serious about doing business and surviving. And yeah, to survive in the world of porn, you need to do your best and put your best foot forward, just like your peers are doing. Being half-assed and very average simply does not cut it.

    Rant over, let’s get back to business. Now, SlutBay employs a white background color and that would have been classy except that content thumbnails are arranged two a row, when there’s enough space to enable a 4-row arrangement. The empty spaces on the screen is rather unsightly and massively contributes to the average look of this site. It is like seeing a toddler dressed in an adult suit.

    The site options are headquartered in the thin black header at the top of the page. Featured therein is the pinkish and unimpressive site logo, a mail icon that when clicked lets you contact the merry wanker running this leak site, plus Meet & Fuck and Live Sex Tabs. And oh, Meet & Fuck is misspelled Met & Fuck and that’s a good indication that the site admin probably never finished middle school, or possibly spent all of his high school looking up the skirts of his classmates, smoking crack, and daydreaming about owning a good pussy someday that he could jam himself into whenever he liked!

    Live Sex is a direct Camsoda link, while Met & Fuck is a direct UberHorny link. What this means is that this site is very grossly deficient in user options and sorting options. The only sorting option of note here is the search option at the top right and since it has no advanced features, it is about as useful as a bucket in an oil well fire. And talking of fires, it’s been getting cold at night lately. Rather than shell out for more coal or firewood, I better find a new teen thot who’s willing to incubate my prick in her warm snatch and call me daddy anytime I got her impaled on my precious battering ram and start pumping her full of goodies!

Them Sluts Want It Bad!

    The site admin here seems to be averse to daily updates. All he’s good for is uploading one or two videos every few days. That is about as senseless as using a grenade handle to eat your porridge! Every day, the many sluts on TikTok, OnlyFans, Instagram, and the like release tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of videos, and all that the SlutBay site admin can do is to add one or two of these to the site collection every few days. Nuts to his lazy ass and the itchy cunt he popped out from!

    Sample titles are as follows: Ice Spice Nude & Sex Tape Blowjob Leaked, Best TikTok Nude, and Porn Teens Compilation #38, Carly Carter Nude OnlyFans Leaked, Msfiiire Nude OnlyFans Leaked, Trihunna Nude OnlyFans TikTok Star Leaked, and Lori Harvey Nude and Sex Tape Leaked. The latter video was uploaded on July 29, 2022. It had lots of non-nude hi-res images that can be zoomed in with a click, plus a single unplayable video. And yeah, Lori sure is fine and I would give an arm to breed her and make Steve Harvey call me in-law!

    Eager to get fapping, I tapped one of the trio of popular video links on the homepage. This one was titled Malu Trevejo Nude OnlyFans Leaked! On show was a single 4-minutes long video, plus multiple nude and topless images. The video seemed more like a compilation and showed an often topless woman who liked to smile and twerk. She had pierced nipples and some body art and her mouth seems particularly suited for blowjobs and ass sucks!

    Now, for some reason, there are a few videos that were uploaded multiple times on this site. That is a very amateurish move and something that some sites do to make it look like they have more content than they actually do.

    The content here fills 113 pages and goes back to 2018. However, old videos have playability issues. And talking of playability, videos on the site lack user options, and the quality is fixed, never stated, and not adjustable. Content downloads are not enabled by default either.

What I Think Of SlutBay

    Honestly, the only thing that impresses me about SlutBay is the name. But a dated design, lack of daily updates, poor content quality, and lack of direct downloads means that this leak site is about as usable as a flute would be in taking down zombies!
SlutBay sounds swell, but is shit from top to bottom. I don’t see myself recommending it and I’m not gonna change my mind even if Lori Harvey cried and begged me with that prime snatch of hers!

TheSlutBay, TheSlutBay

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