Test 1

Test 1

    Your mama most probably told you to never talk with strangers and for good reason. What would she say to see you doing more than talking with strangers and even giving their pussy such a hiding that it turns the lushest shade of pink!

Now, let’s be real. Some of you wankers can only cum to heaven when you have someone sucking on your cock or putting whatever is handy up the crack of your butt. Then there are those of you who don’t really like sex and prefer talking dirty and telling people what you would like to do to them or have them do to you.

If talking rather than fucking is your thing, then I’m sure you know more than a few sex chat sites. TalkWithStranger is one of these and fellas visit it to chat with horny females and say things that make my asshole blush in horror and sympathy!…. Now, here’s my TalkWithStranger review.

All Talk And Plenty Action

    There’s clutter and then there’s the TalkWithStranger homepage! The site is so packed with mostly useless information that my eyes felt an urgent need to start swimming in their sockets!

The whole homepage is literally packed with text, most of which tout the features of the site itself and give reasons why it is the next best thing since sliced bread and shaven teen pussy! Apart from its cluttered look, the homepage looks OK and has a white background color.

The site is packed with features though and as free as sin. Yes, that’s right. Everything here is free and no registration is even required. That’s totally super.

Tabs are plenty here and rather useful. The first of these is the World tab and this appears to have every country in the world listed. You just click on any country that interests you and you get to chat with people in that country either privately or publicly.

The second tab is the Products tab and this lists the products offered on TalkWithStranger. These products include public chatrooms, random voice/video calls, and games. Chat Sites is the next tab and this has a hefty list of chat sites folks might want to visit.

Then there’s the Chat Rooms tab. This has a list of the varied kinds of chatrooms to be found in TalkWithStranger, from gay, lesbian and kids chat to true love chat and stranger chat. The last two tabs are the About Us and FAQ and there’s a search bar next to the latter.

Fuck With Stranger!

    Remember the first homepage tab? Yeah, the one with an image of the world map. Clicking on this and then on the Canadian flag brought me to the Canadian chat room page. This too was cluttered.

At the top left of this page is a small chat window. At the bottom of this window are options to join the chatroom, join the Canadian voice chatroom, or go for 1 vs 1 chats.

To the left was a blinking cursor that prompted me to input my preferred chat nickname. I did and clicked the enter button. This brought me to a new page with a floral background where I got connected to a stranger. We said hi to each other but he apparently remembered that he had an urgent appointment and exited the chat page when I told him that I was a male. His loss!

Generally, I found the chat function of TalkWithStranger to be speedy and excellent for the purpose. You can exit a chat at any time and connect with a new stranger whenever you see fit or join a public one. And given the very large number of chat rooms and chatting options at hand, I would say that this site has the potential to be a black hole that can blur time and make weeks feel like days!

What I Think

    I never knew chatting with strangers could be addictive, till I checked out TalkWithStranger. If you ignore the incredibly cluttered site design and focus on the positives, you will quickly become aware that this site has the potential to steal your heart and go to town with it!

Need a chat site worth bookmarking? TalkWithStranger it is for the end of time!

Test 1 Review

~ Pros ~

Registration not required

Extreme number of chat options

Features galore

Incredibly entertaining

Supported on mobile

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Incredibly cluttered site design

❌ Limited content/user moderation

The Title

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