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SquirtDating Review

~ Pros ~

Simple to use

Cool user interface

Free registration

Lots of users

~ Cons ~

❌ Free accounts are limited

❌ Needs direct contact with them to cancel membership


    Today I have my scuba suit out and I’m ready for a full-body dive into the wet world of squirt dating. Yeah, I know that name sounds intriguing as it is inviting but you have to be ready for this; Squirt.org is a Gay and bisexual hook-up site. Yeah guess you didn't see that coming, frankly neither did I, but here we are.

    So let's douche the site up and get it ready for a butt fuck with this hot rod I got dangling between my legs, here's my squirt review below.

My first peep at Squirt

    Before we barrage through this site I have to give you a disclaimer, this is a site for the LGBTQ community so if you're not comfortable with that then you're in the wrong place, piss off!

    And to be more specific squirt is for men loving men and looking for a quick fix for their horny problems. It's not really a place for long-term commitments or serious relationships. So don’t start coming here with hopes and dreams of starting a family and all the fairy tale life, you'll have better luck getting Santa to nail your ass.

    Now you know what you're getting into let's check the site out. The site has a red and black background theme and two shirtless men with extremely chiseled ads grabbing on each other giving the look like I'm gonna fuck your ass so hard you'll be coughing my dick out your mouth. The layout is professionally done and the site is quite simple to navigate through.

    At the top of the homepage, there's the login window just begging for you to log back in and get back with your hook-up flames. Then below that there’s like an idea cloud and in it, you can see an advert on the site saying you can get 10 days free after registering. This idea cloud definitely looks appealing to any gay or bi and is more like putting the idea in their heads to register on the site.

Locating the next squirt

    Once you click sign up you’ll be directed to another page where you can insert all your details which are username, password, and email address. The site has an active audience of about 82% and has about 1 700 000 created profiles, that’s a lot of assholes to weave through with your cock. This site is actually popular with young studs mostly around the age of 21-28 and mostly looking for short-term affairs

    This site also makes use of GPS functionality but that’s only if you allow it to use your location. Allowing the site to access your location can link you up with dudes in your neighborhood also looking for a good time, though the claim there isn’t a lot of fake profiles but you still need to be vigilant to avoid falling into the wrong hands and before you know it a horse is drilling its cock through your dick hole.

    After Registering you can also use the search bar to find any sexual preferences of your choice but lemme make this simple for you, before you get your heart and dick broken, just find a good hook-up partner and see where it goes from there, trust me that's premium advice, don't say the Pornguy doesn't care.

Hot spots for squirt action

    Another plus side for this site is the fact it has an offline feature and can still help a horny member hook up. They have this database for spots to link up or hook up with fellow-like minds and sexual preferences, they have names of bars, hot spots, and all sorts of places to meet up and get dicked down for any form of pleasures you're all consenting to.

Cocktails and squirt balls

    The site has video chats and other forms for messaging among your private messengers in case you get tired of texting which we all know can get boring after a thousand and one times to having the same sex chats from morning till night. You can also check out their community and chat rooms to link up with other horny men looking for some good dicking down action.

    At the bottom of the page, there's a section to show all the new users on the block so if you've been a super hoe and fucked around with everyone you can get the new fishes there and pick up where you left off but be sure not to take advantage of anyone and don't do anything without consent. The site is quick to block accounts so once you get reported that's it, you’ll most likely be banned from the site.

    For membership; you have a 7-day plan at $6.95. There's a 30-day plan for $12.65. There's a 90-day plan for $29.95. There's a one-year plan for $89.95.

    There is also free membership but don't expect to get any good features, you can't be a cheapskate, and hope you are clapping premium booties you gotta pay the money to get the honey..


    After that complete Pat down of the site squirt I gotta say it's got some interesting features for folks of that orientation which are the gays and bi and could be a proper hook-up site to get your rocks off. But remember sites like this claim to be free but trust me nothing is free especially if you want quality, so be ready to deep into your pockets before you deep your hands in your pants and pull out your cock for that balls deep action.

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