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ShockingMovies Review

~ Pros ~

Easy-to-use website

Simple site design

Good video player

Filled with lots of fetishes and extreme content

~ Cons ~

❌ There are lots of old videos

❌ No section showing channels

❌ There is no pornstars section

❌ Annoying redirects and spam


    There are porn sites where “normal" porn is shown. By normal, I mean the kind of porn everyone loves to watch. Porn that doesn't push to the limits. But if I said everyone watches normal porn, then I wouldn't be honest. As our faces differ so do our dicks and pussies. Some people enjoy extreme porn that pushes kinks and fetishes to the extreme. Porn like deep anal fisting, peeing, double fisting, bondage, and other weird “hang your balls in chains” kind of sex. That's exactly the kind of people Shockingmovies.com was created for. Porn lovers who do not settle for what's considered normal but want more. Beyond just sexy-looking bodies, beyond just the regular dick versus pussy scenery. This set of people are the reason I am writing this review. So kiss your balls, tap your pussies and rest the jerk-off lotion for a while and chill on my Shockingmovies review.

Extreme Porn Extreme Fun

    Before diving into the review fully, I should warn you. If you can't stomach extreme porn, which might seem cruel to you, then this isn't your site. So you’d want to pat your penis on the head and tell it, “buddy, this ain’t our dream cunt joint”. On Shockingmovies.com, there are no boundaries. The homepage is quite concise with just enough content to whet your appetite displayed here. Apart from the spam ads that keep popping up and an annoying banner at the bottom of the gallery, everything here is user-friendly. Video thumbnails are arranged in just the right quantity not to make the page look scattered. To view more videos, you’d want to click on the numbers listed under the gallery.

    You could also click on the arrow-like icon at the top right of your screen to sort content shown on the homepage. You can choose to see top rated, most views by weeks, months, or all time and the longest videos available. I don't know how long you love your porn to be, but I can tell you that porn here usually falls between 6 to 12 minutes. A few of the videos are longer, but this doesn't appear to be a site that favors lengthy porn.

    By the top left corner of the homepage is a menu icon. The sidebar contains icons to register and login, a search box, and mostly the alphabetically arranged list of categories. The categories here are not normal everyday porn categories. Options listed here include fetish, BDSM, bondage, fisting, Bizarre, and other extreme porn. This is definitely not the kind of content everyone watches, but if you do, please take your sack for a pleasure ride till you’re red in the face with cumming and by the way, I hope you don’t use a whip to masturbate?

A Dose Of Your Favorite Fetish

    Like the name of the website, most of the content here will be shocking to many people. If told, you wouldn't believe the human body can perform some of these acts, you’d think I was joking or thinking from my left testicle. This site is indeed the world of bizarre adult entertainment. I spent most of my time watching the collection of anal-fisting videos. I can assure you that I am still wondering how these girls can fit in such huge fists without injuring themselves. Some even manage to fit in two fists at the same time. One in the pussy and the other inside their assholes.

    Deepthroats here are also beyond normal. Gagging is extreme, and there is a lot of humiliation in many of the scenes. These girls really love to be treated badly. The girls are not the only ones being humiliated on this site. Men too are. While Watching a ball-busting video I instinctively put out my hands to protect my balls. It was so severe I found myself worrying about my own balls. Now I love shagging pussy but these goes beyond my hardest pussy pounding endeavors.

    As for the picture quality of the videos here, it really isn't too convincing. Many of the videos look old. A few are recent but most categories are filled with porn shot a long while ago. The picture quality might not be HD but the porn is as intense as you can imagine. The number of views a video has, the percentage of those that liked it, and the date it was published are displayed on video thumbnails. My advice, stick to your category. You don't want to see the kind of porn that ruins your day or makes you loose your urge to masturbate.

    The site also has a webcam section you can choose to visit. Lots of webcam broadcasters are waiting to show you just how dirty they can be when their cameras are on. To locate the webcam collection, once again use the menu icon to select it from amongst the options provided.

What I Think

    This isn't a site filled with normal everyday porn. This site is for those who enjoy watching people push boundaries. I can assure you that you will see a lot of weird things here. If you particularly favor any extreme fetish, then you will have a filled day satisfying your pervert obsession while you wank. Basically, if you enjoy shocking bizarre porn, then do not hesitate to visit Shockingmovies.com.

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