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ShittyTube Review

~ Pros ~

Clean site design

Regular updates

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Ads

❌ Lousy content quality

❌ Playback options are so lame

❌ No advanced search

❌ Forum lacking

❌ Site features are wack


    ShittyTube is a scat site and the name makes that clearer than the bell that’s rung to announce that the princess in a fairy tale has been impregnated by a horny frog or something like that! In case I wasn’t very clear, this is the kind of site where you see a shit ton of women pooping on themselves, and some of them eat and smear their poop or that of others all over themselves. If that makes you want to throw up, then you shouldn’t be here and you better call your significant other to breastfeed you and dispel the shitty images I just formed in your mind!

    Here’s my ShittyTube.com review and let’s hope it is not gonna send you running to the toilet like you got a rocket tied to your ass!

Sexy Pooping Beauty!

    Cheer up! There is no need to hold your nose when visiting ShittyTube! Sure, there’s more shit on its homepage than you see on the bottom of a pit latrine, but you get used to it after a while and might soon mistake it for chocolate cake of the finger-licking kind!

    Now, ShittyTube.com has a surprisingly good site design. It is large and open and equipped with big image thumbnails, rather than the tiny ones that make you dig out your binoculars and magnifying glasses!

    White is the default background color, though there are brown headers at the top. The choice of brown is a severe miscalculation because a lot of shit I have seen is brown and this site deals in nothing other than shit of the very disgusting kind! So, you could say it got shit for headers or something like that!

    Site features include sign-up and login tabs at the top left and there’s a long-as-fuck but basic search bar up there. The main tabs are Home, Latest, Top Rated On ShittyTube, Most Viewed, Categories, Sites, and Playlists. Plus there’s a vertical list of categories and the number of videos to be found in each at the left of the homepage. The main benefit to membership here appears to be the opportunity to add stuff to your list of favorites and create playlists. Messages to members are not supported, but content comments are allowed.

    At the bottom of the site homepage, I found a punchy collection of tags, plus a Show All Tags link that works as advertised. Clicking the fucker gets you an extensive and alphabetical list of tags like Black Ass, Boobs Massage, Girl Having A Dump, Hairy Asshole, Scat Babe, and Wet Pussy.

    And by the way, there’s a very well-written About Us at the bottom of the site homepage and all pages and the fella who wrote it sure did wax lyrical about his love for shit. I need to go find him and take a dump in his mouth for sure! Or maybe I should just fix him a shit sandwich and beat the shit out of him if he refuses to eat it all!

Shit Happens When You Bend Over!

    Wanna bend over? Do so please, but certainly not in my direction, unless you are carrying the kind of shaven snatch that’s so soft that a look at it is all that’s needed to make it sweat and wet itself!

    Where was I? Oh Yeah! Let’s take another look at the main tabs here.

    Both the Latest and top-rated tabs do what is promised and from the latter, it is easy to see that ShittyTube is serious about daily updates. The Most Viewed tab too is legit and the Categories tab hosts 12 category thumbnails that can be sorted alphabetically, by rating and number of content. In case there’s a bet on, you better know that the Girls Pooping Indoor category has the most content and for sure I would do a lot not to be a brother to these girls who are pooping indoors and uploading the video for freaks and hipsters to wank to!

    So, the Sites tab brings nothing up, but the Playlists tab has some video collections. These can be sorted by rating, the number of views and comments, recent updates, and most videos.

    Now, let’s get y’all introduced to a few sample titles like Nice Anal Fuck, Cake Farts Original, Extreme Scat Sex, Anal Sex With Shit, Italian Scat Mistress, Two Girls Shitting In A Guy’s Mouth, Anal With Drunk Slut, Beautiful Girls Pooping In Public Bathrooms and Masturbating With Shit. The latter video had 235K views at the time of this review and was uploaded around a year ago. While videos on ShittyTube are less than 5 minutes on average, this one exceeded 10 minutes and begins with a very beautiful, curvy, and busty girl kneeling on a bed and rubbing herself all over. She then takes off her undies, puts her legs over her head, and poops on a towel while rubbing her clit. That was insane for real!

    After that, I happened upon a video titled Amateur Girl Shitting During Anal Sex. It was 1:57 minutes long and the focus was on a thin and petite chick who’s being gaped by an uncut dick. She didn’t poop like the other girls on this site, but the dick in her got smeared with her crap and it was all brown and nasty. Yuck!

    Now, zero playback issues were experienced at the time of this review, and playback options are very limited. One-click downloads are not supported and video quality is neither adjustable nor stated. It ranges from 280p to 360p and yeah, in these days of Full HD and 4K content, you can watch such shitty stuff without your eyes feeling like it is being clawed out of their socket by dragons! As for the total number of videos, I would say that ShittyTube has way less than 15K scat videos and that’s not too bad.

What I Think Of ShittyTube

    I love the site design, and site name, but if you take these out of the equation then ShittyTube falls flat on its face. However, I think this scat XXX site has promise and is worth a good look, plus a not-very-shitty bookmarking!

ShittyTube, ShittyTube
ShittyTube, ShittyTube
ShittyTube, ShittyTube
ShittyTube, ShittyTube

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