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shesfreaky black porn

ShesFreaky Review

~ Pros ~

Quality amateur black porn

Easy to use site

Frequently updated

The user community is very active

Awesome website design

~ Cons ~

❌ Some videos are short

❌ Professional videos are few

❌ Porn videos are not much here


    We all like a freaky lady, and it’s even better if she’s black or ebony and with a lot of meat in her trunk she can't wait to shake in your face! Are you into ebony babes and does their freaky nature often drive you out of your mind and wring the most cum out of your gasping cock? Then sites like She’sFreaky appears to have been established just for you!

    Here are our ShesFreaky.com review and freaky fun it surely is!

She’s Freaky Like A Born Hoe!

    Freaky it might be, but ShesFreaky has a standard homepage design, plus a background of deep black color. Everything appears to be in place and there are enough video thumbnails on the homepage to make a cherub grow a woody that could choke a rhino!

    Right at the very top of the homepage is a search bar that is long enough to race through in a Lamborghini! The search bar has a pull-down tab that makes it possible to search through videos, photos, members, groups and the playlist. At the extreme right of the search bar are sign in and login options. You can sign up for free if you are feeling as freaky as sin.

    Homepage tabs include Videos, Galleries, Categories, Live Sex, Community, Meet & Fuck, Groups, and Upload, with the first two of these having a pull-down menu. Supported groups include Latin Ass, Sexy Social, BadBitchesOnly, and Real Thotties Of Social Media. Members can join these groups and have globs of freaky fun.

    Clicking the Meet & Fuck tab will direct you to BlacksForFuck.com, while the Live Sex tab will lead you right to ShesFreakyLive.com. There you can watch an endless array of sweet-faced and sweet booty ebony thots talk so dirty your ear will turn red and finger every hole they came with till your cock is so swollen it could explode!

    The Community and Upload tabs are for members only, with the former offering opportunities to connect with site members. These are often lonely, freaky and horny enough to let you meet them somewhere and fit your cock into their tight pussy holes!

    The Categories section has a lot of hidden wonders. There can be seen enough black porn categories to shake your brains loose from its mooring! You can find African, Amateur, Anal, Orgasm, Black, POV, MILF, Plump Pussy, Riding, Thot, Teen and White categories. We checked out the latter category and it mostly had videos of white chicks shaking their ass for the camera and getting a BBC digging into the cavern of their slick pussy!

Freaky Matters

    By default, the homepage on this porn site is filled with vid thumbnails. These can be previewed with the aid of a mouse cursor. The first section of the homepage hosts featured videos, while the second has the most recent ones.

    You can filter what’s on the screen by clicking the Galleries tab on the homepage. This will result in only photos or galleries being shown on the homepage.

    The pull-down menu on the Videos and Galleries tab atop the homepage can be further used to sort the content, by the newest, most viewed, and top-rated. They both have a long list of related tags and are super-easy to use.

    Most images in the Galleries section show nude, half-nude and fully clothed females posing in ways your cock cannot help but nod to! There are loooooots of photos there, most of which are worth using as a screensaver.

    We looked at a few of the Top Rated videos, with titles like Fine and Tatted, Joyride, LA Thots, New Best Thot, and Her Toes Are Curling That Pussy. Each video thumbnail has its run time displayed, plus the total number of views it has had.

    Just about all the vids here are by amateurs, which means the quality is not exactly spectacular. One video we couldn’t forget was titled Big Booty Thot. It was slightly less than a minute long and showed an ebony babe kneeling on a bed and getting plowed by a cock that was almost longer than a train and about as wide too. Poor girl! Someone better check up on her in case that cock tore her cunt in two!

    Videos play as smoothly as possible, can be commented on and more. Most videos are very short though.

What We Think

    We think this site is too freaky not to be bookmarked and visited on the regular. It has all the ebony porn any cock could go mad for and is free too. Overall, we couldn’t recommend this site too highly, so go there and have a freaky time you can boast about to your friends!

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