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r/SheLikesItRough Review

~ Pros ~

Only one main rule to guide your cock into!

Decent content upload pace

~ Cons ~

❌ Plain shit

❌ No special options or features

❌ Does not look like an active place


So, we are all supposed to act like gentlemen. That means no scratching your balls in public, no picking your nose like there’s a shipload of treasure buried there that you are anxious to fling at and saddle your enemies with, no farting like you sound the trumpet on the last day, and definitely no fucking a bitch like she owes you a million dollars and you only got an hour to pound the money out of whichever of her holes makes you the happiest. Ain’t that so, fellas!

But it turns out that a lot of ladies like it rough. They want to be choked, slapped, spanked, spat on, belted across the mouth hard enough to draw blood, and fucked like the disposable cum buckets they are. Being treated like that makes turns these chicks on more than a face-sitting by Jennifer Lopez has ever done to me, and there seems to be an increasing number of these rough sex-loving ladies who are willing to tangle with fellas who fuck like sex is war.

Have you had some experience with rough sex? Well then a subreddit like r/SherLikesItRough has stuff that will put a stone-hard pecker in your hand like it’s on springs! Here’s my Reddit SheLikesItRough review. Read and weep and roughly too!

Reddit SheLikesItRough Mods Are Into Pussy Scrubbing!

    The mods on this subreddit need to be taken to a thicket of thorns, tied up cock forward, and whipped with freshly decapitated rattlesnakes. And why? Because their subreddit looks like shit!

Yeah, r/SheLikesItRough has the blue and white design of most subreddits, without a single graphic or color to show what the focus here is on. There’s not even a logo, and the motto seems to be ‘Give It To Her Rough”, That’s as original as getting breakfast in bed after catching your wife and best friend fucking the penetrative demons out of their sexual organs and on your marital bed too!

Even the About Community box is empty, with no text to explain the subreddit's aims and objectives. Given the evidence before me, I must say that Reddit SheLikesItRough well might have mods whose brains are lodged so deep in their ass that an expedition by a miniature submarine has zero chance of locating that!

Anyway, r/SheLikesItRough has 1.5 million members, and 1.1K folks were online at the time of this review. Yeah, that’s a number that does not exactly fill me with joy.

And guess what? There’s only a single rule here. And that rule has to do with the non-posting of rapey content. There’s nothing about being an ass in the comment, cussing out the mods and telling them to eat shit, karma-farming, selling stuff, and posting links to your OnlyFans account. Sure, I have never been a fan of subreddits with rules up the kazoo, but a single rule to guide a subreddit of 1.5 million members does not exactly make all the sense in the world to me.

She Better Like It Rough, Or I’mma Fuck Her, Sis!

    You can’t complain about the daily update pace here. Sure, it is not exceptional. But it is better than most. That said, there are loads more subreddits that pack new stuff on their page on the daily.

Fourth of July Explosion, She’s Built To Take A Pounding, I Love A Rough Ride, No Caption Needed, DP Makes Her Scream, Her Pussy Is So Warm and Juicy, Friends That Facefuck and Share Cumshots, and I Love Being Stuffed With Cum were among the newest updates on r/SheLikesItRough at the time of this review. The Fourth of July thing showed a curvy chick being fucked doggystyle for a few seconds before the guy pulled out and shot his wad all over her snatch and ass.

She’s Built To Take A Pounding is more of the same, with the action showing a thin guy furiously fucking a thicc chick in the doggy-style position. What’s with thin guys and thicc chicks, by the way? And yeah, the chick this particular guy was pounding was built to take a pounding, and I am fully convinced she could take multiple BBCs at the same time in her cunt hole and not blink! Invincible cunts like that need to be taken to a laboratory and studied for the good of science and the everlasting glory of the cumming arts!

Bent Over The Counter and She Loves It is the top trending post of all time on Reddit SheLikesItRough. Uploaded 2 years ago, it currently has 54.5K upvotes and 286 comments and is all about a thin chick with a nice rack being fucked so furiously you got to wonder if the friction from the cock that’s rocketing into and out of her snatch will set fire to the hair in her nether regions or not!

I Love This is next, and this has 35.1K upvotes. Uploaded 7 months ago, this short video is a bit spooky, though. It has a pierced and tattooed moaning chick on a bed being furiously fucked by a guy, and on the wall behind them is a giant fabric print of a skeleton in the lotus position. Near the end of the video, the girl is held by her throat as she arches her ass to get more inches of cock fed into it. Sights like that sure can give you boners at work you wanna use to wound your boss with!

What ThePornGuy Thinks of r/SheLikesItRough

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give r/SheLikesItRough a 4 on a bad day and a 5 on a good day. Apart from the cock-raising content here, there’s nothing exceptional about this subreddit, and I have been to other subreddits that appear to take their work more seriously.

I don’t feel up to recommending r/SheLikesItRough. But y’all better note that it has the content you are unlikely to find on most pornsites. That alone makes it worth bookmarking and roughening up the next cunt that sits on your face for!

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