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SexyAndFunny Review

~ Pros ~

sexyandfunny, SexyAndFunnyHas both sexy and humor content combined

sexyandfunny, SexyAndFunnyThe forum is part of the Sexy and Funny entertainment network

sexyandfunny, SexyAndFunnyMain topics = general forums, our girls, special interests, other etc

sexyandfunny, SexyAndFunnyThe site is quite loaded with plenty of content to keep you busy

sexyandfunny, SexyAndFunnyCool rating system to rate all the sexy and funny stuff you see

sexyandfunny, SexyAndFunny Other then the ad’s it free and fun to use with no catch

~ Cons ~

sexyandfunny, SexyAndFunnyThe video downloader is slow

sexyandfunny, SexyAndFunnyThe graphic designs and the 3d is poor

sexyandfunny, SexyAndFunny There are some annoying ad’s all around the page


    Being sexy and funny is a difficult task even at the best of times, but some still manage to pull that off. We can’t help but applaud such people and wish they could stop talking and bend over so we can see if our cocks can fit their pink pussies!

    Now, there’s a site by the name of SexyandFunny.com. However, don’t expect the content there to make you laugh up a lung. Instead, what’s there will have you tugging at your cock so hard you could throttle your it to death and be charged with manslaughter!

    SexyandFunny has photos, videos, games, and webcams of sexy females, most of whom are ultra-fuckable. These babes have tight booties and boobies you could slurp up blindfolded and look so horny you can’t help but wish you could dig up your cock and send it to them by mail so they could fuck themselves six ways to Sunday every day!

    Well, here’s our review of SexyandFunny.com. Funny it ain’t!

Sexy Not Funny

    The Forum homepage staring us in the face is quite identical to other forum sites. It’s like they all use a single site format they pick up for pennies at the local Walmart or something!

    The homepage is frankly a cluttered mess and ads abound. Near the top are the Tutorials, Forum Rules, S&F Shop, Today’s Best Posts, Forum Home and the SexyandFunny tabs. Running along the left of the page to the bottom are ads from the SexyandFunny page. These ads can be a bother, but we soon learned to tune them out

    The forum section has Register, FAQ, Members List, Calendar, Arcade/Casino and Mark Forums Read tabs. Registration here is a free thing and does come with perks like posting threads, replying to members, sending a private message to members and more.

    We clicked the FAQ tab and the content there has to be the most extensive we have seen this year. We recommend taking a look at what’s there if you plan on making this site your home for some time to come.

    The Calendar tab is essentially useless as it does not go beyond 2015. However, you can still use it to see member birthdays. Pressing the Arcade/Casino tab guides you to a games section where you can play games like video poker, lottery, and roulette. But only if you are a registered member.

    The last tab is something we can’t figure out. Maybe we will do so later once we have offloaded the load in our pants!

    The forum itself has several sections, with each section having some sub-sections. There are the General Forums, Special Interest, Our Girls, Other and What’s Going On section. Site stats take up some space at the bottom of the page, together with a small list of the latest threads.

Forums Need To Be Sexy!

    The General Forums section mostly contains news and childish ramblings. We wouldn’t spend time there if you paid us to.

    The Special Interest section has a Sex Talk 101 sub-section everyone with a working sex organ needs to tune into. Sample thread titles include Indian Girls, Sexy or Not?, Sex Positions That Double As Exercise, Ribbed/Studded Condoms and 10 Sex Myths About Women. Thread discussions seem to be quite lively and there’s a great deal of interesting stuff and experiences to learn from.

    Lastly, the Our Girls section has some nude plus non-nude images of hot babes. Worth noting is that all sub-sections have a bunch of tags at the bottom of their page. Those tags relate to the content being discussed/posted and are unique to each page. Videos abound, but you mostly have to search for these.

What We Think

    This site is nice overall, but its homepage looks a century old and there are more ads than mosquitoes in Florida. It hosts some good content of a mostly amateur nature, but there’s nothing much compelling here.

    Now, you can check out SexyandFunny.com if you have some free time. But we think other sites offer sweeter content in a more attractive format.