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SexStories69 Review

~ Pros ~

A clean forum

Different categories available

Combination of original and made-up stories

~ Cons ~

❌ Annoying redirection ads


    Do you know what’s sexier than a bitch getting fucked by two hunky guys in both holes? The bitch telling the story of how she got fucked. Yea for sure, you would love to be there, but imagining what oi would be like if you were there is something that can get your throbbing harder than the pulse of a man running away from his responsibilities.

    Sex stories are great, and today, we are on to another source for reading numerous stories provided by different people out there. The sexstories69 review will be our lullaby for the night, so stay with me and enjoy the ride.

69 ways to fantasize a big tittied bitch

    Quick question though, what goes through your mind when you get immersed in some deep sex story? I remember my friend told me a story about how she got fucked in the tents during her vacation, by 2 local guys that were meant to be her tour guides. The thing that went through my mind is me being a tour guide that guides my hand through her panties, uncovering the cunt lying deep beneath the bush.

    Well that aside, the focus of the day is on sexstories69. We are going to do this like I do every time, taking things from the homepage, talking about navigation, and ending things on the contents—once again, here is the long-awaited sexstories69.com review for you horny readers.

    The sexstories69.com homepage is like that of a subreddit, which is not even surprising considering the fact that sex stories 69 is a forum for erotic and sex stories. At the center of the homepage is basically the list of the most recent stories posted on sexstories69, the list goes on till the end of the page and there are loads of pages available. To the right are windows of an overview of recent stories and recent comments.

    The navigation is quite superb as well, straight to the point. The menu bar options include the option to send a story, categories, and an off-site location to listen to audio sex stories. Some of the categories include abuse, BDSM, bisexual, blackmail, interracial, incest, and so on.

    From the snippets, it is easy to view the number of words of the story, the comments, and the ratings—so you can know detailed information about the story you are about to wank to.

The Lord of the Bitches

    I have a thing for good stories and especially if they are well put and organized if these stories give opportunities for you to take your time and fantasize about the motions involved in the rides and thrusts. With this in mind, let’s talk about the contents on sexstories69.

    The stories on sexstories69 feel real to me, the way they are typed doesn’t feel like some bloke had it written on a different sheet and then pasted it on sexstories69.com. But more than that, the contents on sex stories 69 are quite extreme, unlike a subreddit where you have rules on the age, or a blog where people only post something that had been done with their peer, the contents on sexstories69 cover different extreme topics like underage sex, rape, sex without consent, and loads of shits like that.

    But hey, I am not here to judge, every man to himself but damn, I feel some shits should be moderated. Can’t be out here reading a sex story on how a 17-year-old guy fucked a 12-year-old girl, oh lord have mercy. But a little bit of “my sister couldn’t believe I had such a big cock” isn’t bad for the soul.

    The contents are written in some manner that you have to look hard and concentrate at the same time, so you don’t end up reading the same line twice, well, what was I expecting from people that are so excited to get their stories out. Of course, they are not trained to write a story or an article, but it really hurts my eyes trying to read these contents.

An Ad for an Ass makes the whole world celibate

    I have long forgotten what it feels like to have an intrusion when it is time for the missus to climb on and ride the dick like a rodeo. But when I came to sexstories69, I am reminded of the one thing I have always detested when it comes to having my soul time with the erotic resources—Ads. The ads on sexstories69 are as annoying as a kid bumping into your room while you are deep into a bitch pumping the fuel and she is doing a 200hr per kilometer ride.

    The ads on sexstories69 are those type of ads that opens on a new page and redirects to a different website entirely after you click on something. Super annoying. But other than the ads, I couldn’t find any cons to sexstories69, and I believe it might be worth a shit.

What do I think about Sexstories69?

    Honestly, I don’t know… I don’t want to put you in an inception kind of scenario right now. But fuck it, this is how I get my 2 dollars right? I think sexstories69 is a good forum to read up on people’s sexual fantasies and experiences. To check if you are not the odd one out because for real, there are loads of people out there with fantasies that they want to hide because they feel if they let it out, they might be called names.

    But whatever, check sexstories69 and you might like the stories you read in there. Usually, I would have dropped one or two advises but fuck it, have fun!

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