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Sexosur Review

~ Pros ~

Stylish website

Free and easy to use

Loads of hi-res escort images

Genuine escorts

~ Cons ~ 

❌ There aren’t that many escorts available

❌ Only useful for those in Chile


    In case you didn’t get the memo, I have been busy reviewing more escort sites than most get to visit in their lifetime. It is a thankless job, with my readers unwilling to disclose that when they read my escort site reviews they get hard enough to drill through a bank vault with their woody and steal everything in sight!

    The escorts site I will be reviewing today is Sexosur.cl. It is based in Santiago, Chile, and might as well be on the moon, since the farthest most of you have been out of your birthplace is the distillery in the other town! Yeah, I am in the mood to roast you all today, so don’t you dare try me. Here’s my Sexosur.cl review and a sweeter read you will never come across!

The Homepage

    First impressions matter, and based on that Sexosur.cl is a looker! 

    The homepage here is a very stylish and professional affair that screams class and money. Spanish is the default site language and if there are options to change that I am too blind, drunk, and/or high on week-old cum to notice it!

    Signs atop the page and its bottom too ask you to login or register and get access to sweet escorts and masseurs aplenty. I tried to register, but for some reason couldn’t. Maybe the site admins don’t like my gringo face or something!

The Escorts

    Did I mention how stylish this website is? Indeed, it looks good enough for you to mistake it for something that the likes of Brazzers or Reality Kings thought up. The middle of the homepage has a slightly blurred background showing sexy women in sexy poses, with the names of Chilean cities pasted on these images. You just click on these city names and get the escorts and masseurs that these cities host.

    I clicked on a city named Castro, but all I got in return for my labors was a mostly blank page. Not to be deterred, I went back and clicked another city named Valdivia. This brought up quite a few escort profiles. Each had a name, age, and a glowing phone icon that tries to persuade you to give them a call and make them come blow that tuba in your shorts!

    The first profile I checked out was of a chick who calls herself Camila. Her boobs had to be seen to be believed. They are one of the firmest and perfectly proportioned mammaries I have ever ogled at, and are endowed with chocolate nipples that simply dare you to chew them with all possible glee! Camila works full time, likes to dance and give erotic massages, and will suck your dick and let you ride her so long as there’s a condom covering your shaft. She also had a lengthy photo album set, plus a video you will want to watch.

    Scrolling down I came across the profile of another escort, this one named Lara. Lara is 36-years old and has the kind of body that simply makes you very sure of her credentials as a goddess. Long legs, a very full and shapely bust, a booty so pert your cock tears a hole in your shorts trying to sniff it through your computer screen and a small waist complete her arsenal. Her profile says that she’s a thorough professional who can deliver the most incredible experiences. I can well believe that!

    Escort profiles generally feature multiple professionally shot images and often a video or more. That's nice.

Sorting Options And Other Things

    I initially thought that this site lacked sorting options, but was sadly mistaken. Once you click on any city name and a new page listing the escorts in that city opens up, sorting options will be arranged near the top of that page. These lets you choose what ends up on the screen. It could be female escorts, trans, mature escorts, male escorts, or all at the same time.

    Also, all escort profiles have contact details that let you get in touch with these escorts via a Whatsapp direct link. Escort profiles also look genuine.

What I Think

    Sexosur.cl seems to tick every box in the book with all the aplomb of a twerk expert on her way to a 2nd world title! The site looks great and the escorts look genuine.

    Even if you are not in Chile at the moment, you can go to Sexosur.cl and use it as an avenue to chit-chat with sexy ladies on the other side of the world who have always dreamed of having their pussy filled to the brim with full American meat!

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