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SexeTag Review

~ Pros ~

SexeTag, SexeTagLots of French porn

SexeTag, SexeTagSite has comment feature

SexeTag, SexeTagFree

SexeTag, SexeTagNo distracting ads

~ Cons ~ 

SexeTag, SexeTagMostly short porn

SexeTag, SexeTagPoor site design

SexeTag, SexeTagNo video previews

SexeTag, SexeTagNo video download feature


    Sure, we all have our favorite porn pros, from Lynn Love to the booty-amazing Jada Fire. But there are times when we do feel like fapping to the antics of amateurs who make the silliest of mistakes and like to groan like someone is eating their liver! For that, there are tons of sites out there focusing on amateurs masturbating, getting mightily dicked and generally having erotic fun.

    Sexetag.com is one of these XXX sites and unlike most is aimed at folks who can speak and understand French. Of course, the only French we know is the word for cunt and shit, and so we were obliged to find a competent translation software to tell us what words on the site mean.

    We really had fun reviewing this amateur porn site. Read on and find out what we think of it.

Tagged and Teabagged!

    There’s no mistaking this site for anything other than a porn page. The design is stark and the background color is about as white as driven snow. You get the usual log in and registration tabs, plus a screen filled with sectioned porn thumbnails.

    Among the main tabs are the Home, Videos and Categories tabs and the last two boast pull-down menus. Sample categories include sodomy, teen, footjob, and facial, with the pull-down menu in the Videos tab enabling a very fine sorting of content as per user needs.

    Of the varied sections of porn on the homepage, the general amateur section comes first, followed by the French amateur section, the newest, longest and most exclusive videos. Up next at the page bottom are a few porn categories and a click on a few of these are required to stop your cock twitching like a freshly caught raccoon!

French Amateurs Are Living The Life

    There are no photos on Sexetag that we could see, so vids were what we focused on. Now, all vids come with a preview function and their title, the number of views and ratings is nicely listed.

    Since this is a French amateur porn site, we put our cocks on a tight leash and clicked the + button in the New French Video section. This took us to page after page of sexy amateur babes getting the kind of hard fucking they never bargained for and touching themselves in the most inappropriate ways.

    Sample titles are as follows: She Keeps Her Thong To Get Caught In The Car, She Sucks Me And I Spit Everything In Her Mouth and The Frenchwoman is Happy To Get High. One vid was titled A Stranger Films Himself Fucking My Wife. It offered a zoomed view of a very fat pussy getting cleaned and speared by a long cock and was just over a minute long. That is not enough time to jerk our cocks around and make it give up its juice, but what a wonder it was!

    No video playback issues were experienced during our exhaustive review. Videos are played on the embedded video player, and this is basic. Most videos are short, but there are long ones as well for those who want to spend an hour throttling their cocks or thrashing their slick cunt with a Lovense!

What We Think

    We sure have seen more than a few amateur porn sites, but Sexetag.com has an undeniable charm. There are some ads, but overall we feel compelled to recommend this site, seeing that it has loads of amateur content other sites cannot be bothered to carry.