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Sexemodel Review

~ Pros ~

Simple site design

Nice filtering options

Tons of escorts in multiple countries, trans included

Free and easy to use

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Site design could be better and less cluttered

❌ Escort booking is only possible if you are in Europe, or have a private jet to pick your preferred escort and take her to wherever you like.


    As old as you are if you dare say you have never heard of escorts, someone needs to put you in the mouth of a cannon and shoot you into orbit! Escorts are nothing new, go by various names and perform a wide range of services that I would never feel comfortable discussing in front of my parents!

    Now, some escorts are also part-time models, singers, entertainers, and the like. If escorts who could pass for slinky models are what you require, a site like Sexemodel just might be able to offer it. Going there now? First read this Sexemodel review and learn quite a few things.

Living The Escort Life

    Speak some French? Yes, I am sure you have French-kissed a hundred babes, but that doesn’t mean you can speak French. If you can’t there might be a bit of a problem on Sexemodel, because the site seems to be in the French language. Let’s hope there are language options available.

    Anyway, if you are taking a trip to Sexemodel for the first time, you get a banner blocking the page. Access to the page is only possible if you click the OK button on the banner, and yes, I don’t give a shit what the banner says. If it is a legally binding agreement to sell your kidneys or something like that you can always claim you clicked on the OK option when some hoodlums broke into your house, tied you up, and forcefully pressed your finger on the OK button!

    Thankfully, once you access the site there are language options at the top right of the homepage. English is included here, so all you need to do to make it the default site language is to click on the English flag you see there. Voila!

    Now, the homepage is simple, but cluttered all the same, and scrolling to its end is about as possible as mopping the sea. There’s a picture of the Girl of the Month at the right of the page, while the top has links that let you access escorts of all kinds, including exclusive ones, view and rate photos and videos, see what the top 50 escorts look like and more. A search tab is also featured, plus the flags of Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and Switzerland.

    Clicking on these flags brings up escorts in these countries. France has the most escorts, with Luxembourg forced to make do with just one. I always knew Luxembourg was small but very small it had to be to have only one escort willing to spread her legs and receive the cumming anointing from her clientele!

Membership Matters

    I forgot to mention this, but you can register on the site and become a member. If you do decide to register you can do it either as a client or as an escort. Registering as a client or escort is free and comes with benefits aplenty of the sort that would get your parish priest worked up for many Sundays to come! I mean, only members can rate photos, chat with other members, set up their own top 50 escort list, comment on escort profiles, and much more.

Escorts For The Asking

    Tabs at the top of the Sexemodel homepage grants direct access to the newest, most exclusive, most followed, trans escorts, and more. Now, as I said before, Sexemodel lists escorts in no less than 4 countries. France appears to have the most escorts and so clicking the France flag near the top of the page will result in just about every city in France, as well as the escort it has being alphabetically listed on the homepage.

    Further down the homepage are escort profiles and content filtering options. The top escorts are listed first, followed by run-of-the-mill, but no less sexy escorts. One of the top escort profiles was for a 28-year old Ukrainian girl living in Colmar who looked hot enough to cook a pot of beans! She had a very detailed profile page, with the languages she was fluent in, her phone number, and other information about her being listed. This girl had legs that could span a river, a smile that could make a dead prick see the sunny side of life, and that kind of pert booty that makes you think of a peach ripening on a farm!

    Another was for a tattooed 24-year old beauty named Jasmine who lives in Strasbourg. Her services include 69, letting you suck on her kitty, anal sex and so many more. Brave as I am I don’t think I could survive a night with this girl because she sounds just like the kind of demon that will bend my dick out of shape in less than an hour!

What We Think

    Well, Sexemodel was kind of a surprise. I mean I was pleasantly surprised at its scope and feel. Overall, it is a sweet site and even if you are not in Europe you can browse through the site for kicks or knock-off a bank and use the moolah to hire a top escort from Sexemodel who can make your cock spurt jism from Jerusalem to Jericho!

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