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SexeFelin Review

~ Pros ~

SexeFelin, SexeFelinTons of French porn

SexeFelin, SexeFelinMany porn categories

SexeFelin, SexeFelinThe site is free

SexeFelin, SexeFelinMost videos are of high quality

~ Cons ~ 

SexeFelin, SexeFelinBad video player

SexeFelin, SexeFelinThe search function is wack

SexeFelin, SexeFelinThe site is too simple

SexeFelin, SexeFelinThe site is slow


     Sexefelin.com is a French XXX site. We guess the name means something like Sexy Feeling when translated to English, but you can give us your interpretation if you are feeling up to it.

    Want some sexy feeling and cum outflow? Then read our site review and see if this is the kind of XXX site your cock should salute or spit on!

SexeFelin, Sexy Feeling!

    Before we were admitted into SexeFelin.com, we had to click on a box that stated that we were of legal age and ready to fap like we had been denied sex for centuries!

    Once we did, the site homepage came into view. At the top of the page is a red border containing the site logo -a paw print- the categories tab and a search bar. We cracked the Categories tab and it turned out to have a pull-down tab containing every imaginable XXX category. These are listed alphabetically and range from amateur and anal to sex tape and voyeur.

    Video thumbnails fill up most of the homepage. These cannot be previewed, and their run time, plus the date they were uploaded is shown. From this, we can infer that updates are a very regular thing, with almost 20 XXX videos uploaded on the day we logged in.

    Sample video titles include Violent and Vicious He Abuses a Blonde, Nana With Big Tits Get Squirted In Pussy, and With Two Hots For an Anal Trio. Videos can be paused, and viewed in fullscreen, but that’s just about it. Downloads and rating options are not available, nor can the video quality be improved or downgraded as required. That said, video quality is acceptable but highly unlikely to impress. Video length varies a great deal, but most are reasonably long.

    There’s however an HD video category and this had XXX in high definition. One of these titled Bandaged Moslem Gets Fucked provided a good deal of entertainment at the office. In this vid, a hot babe dressed in a burka is seated on a chair. She acts all shy and innocent, till the man pays her and removes her clothes. She then gets on a table and is pounded to hell and back in her fat pussy, while her incredibly perky breasts point at all cummers! At the end she gives him a BJ to finish things off. This babe turned out to be quite the moaner. What we would give to stuff our throbbing cocks in her fat mouth and have her bite down on that!

What We Think

    First, stuff here is in French. Second, content is almost entirely of amateurs. Once you accept that, there’s no limit to what fun your cock or slit can have here!

    We like Sexefelin and the sexy feeling it arouses in our bodies!

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