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SexBaba Review

~ Pros ~

Active forum

Loads of sex stories

Downloadable deep fake smut

~ Cons ~

❌ No language options

❌ Shitty site design

❌ Meh sorting options and site features


    Not to sound racist, but y’all better watch out for the Indians and Chinese. There are so many of them and that means the pool of geniuses and intelligent fuckers they have is so much greater. Combined, the two countries have a population of almost 3 billion and it is no surprise both are dominating most areas of life on this dusty-ass planet.

    Anyway, Indians and Chinese run a lot of sites and own a lot of patents. They are fucking incredible if you ask me. And oh, Indians are particularly horny fuckers and it could be because they have such tiny dicks and are over-compensating as a result.

    SexBaba is one site run by an Indian and it is a forum filled with porn videos, deep fakes, and sex stories. Here’s my SexBaba.co review. Read it and weep, you sexy baba freak!

Eat Me Baba One More Time!

    You know, there must have been a United Nations convention and a global agreement that all forums should look as shitty, colorless, and boring as possible. Seriously, it is harder than bootyliciously cunt-laden sin to find colorful and attractive forums that can compete with the likes of XVideos in allure and that should not be so, any more than trans folks should have horse dicks that are tailor-made for cervical and anal ruptures! Or are forums considered so utilitarian that even a little spot of color on them is an unforgivable sin against tradition and good taste? Fuck!

    Anyway, from the rant above, I am pretty sure you can deduce that SexBaba.co has an extremely ordinary and colorless design and nothing makes the site memorable. It could be a folded square of prison toilet paper for all I and you too can care.

    Now, most of the site homepage is occupied with threads and posts that I will get to later, with the main site features to be found atop the page. There’s a site logo at the top right that shows an Indian fell meditating and he honestly looks constipated. After that you get the Home, Search, Indian Sex Porn List, Best-Pornsites, The Porn Discounts, Best Pornsites, Contact, and Mr. PornGeek tabs and most of these are useless direct ad links. Actually, only the Home, Search and Contact tabs earn their keep, but you do need to be logged in to contact the site admin, which is a crock of liquid cow shit! As for the Search tab, it has relatively advanced functions and you can search by username, thread, post, date, and more.

    Just beneath all these tabs is what looks like but isn’t a search bar. This instead hosts Login and Register links. I tried to register for free, but at the end of the registration process, I was required to tick a box that wasn’t there. Not being able to tick the said box meant I was not able to become a card-carrying member of this forum and I am torn up about that. Or not!

    Anyway, others might have better luck than me registering on this Indian sex forum cum porn site and if they do, they can celebrate by sucking the dangling lollipop I got between my legs, with orange and grape flavors being available!

Suck Me And Suck Me Off, Baba!

    At the time of this review, there were 142,804 posts in 7,565 threads on SexBaba.co, with 16,375 registered members. Those aren’t shabby numbers. The board statistics section is near the bottom of the site homepage and it does not have information as to the number of both registered users and guests who might be online at any point in time. That’s a puzzling omission.

    After looking around though, I discovered the Forum Statistics link at the bottom left of the SexBaba.co homepage and it is next to the Forum Team and Mark All Forums Read links. Clicking the Forum Statistics link revealed a far more exhaustive statistics section, with information about the most viewed threads, the ones with the most replies, the average number of posts and threads per day, and more being provided. That's nice, but it would have been best if there was a way to paste all or most of what's in the Forum Statistics link on the bottom of the homepage and there sure does seem to be more than enough space for that.

    Anyway, the Indian Sex Stories board has the biggest number of threads and posts, followed by the Hindu, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, and Kannada sex stories boards. The Bollywood Actress Fake board had lotsa interesting content. There's like images of every Bollywood actress there and while that’s cool, I would rather wank to original pics than deepfake content, no matter how skillfully the deepfakes are done.

    And by the way, almost all the Indian sex stories content is in Hindi and the vast majority of the stories on other threads are not in English. Indeed, finding a sex story in English on this site is a little like looking for a eunuch with an erect horse dick that he wants to deposit into a very pretty, well-lubricated, and not-so-hairy bank deposit vault that’s between the legs of a perky booty thot!

    I did read an Indian sex story titled Fantasies of a Cuckold Hubby. It was uploaded in December 2018 by a youth who’s too eager for his work to be praised and you could call it the fantasies of an over-sexed fella who lets his wife tease others with her nude or nearly nude body.

What I Think Of SexBaba

    SexBaba only makes sense if you are Indian and into erotic literature. Even then, it is a poor excuse for a sex forum and a third-grade piece of shit.

    I can’t recommend this site for anything and anyone, but if you know Hindi and other Indian languages, then you are welcome to visit SexBaba, suck its baba’s schlong and bite off the cap of that woody!

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