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, Sex3Very regular updates

, Sex3Excellent sorting options

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, Sex3Mediocre site design

, Sex3Full-length vids are rare

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    None of us are virgins, not even that stuffy grandma of yours who acts like she has never seen a penis. Rest assured she has and done things to it that will make your eyes roll back in your head in wonder! Want to see virgins get fucked or simply have a fetish for old ladies getting the kind of hard loving they were denied in their younger days? A site like Sex3 just might do the trick!

    Yes, Sex3.com has a really cheesy name, but we are not complaining all that much and neither should you. This is the kind of site you open up in the morning so that your cock can welcome in a new day the best possible way- with an outflow of fresh jism!
Ready for our site review? Well, here it comes!

Sex3 Thrice And Nice!

    Pfft. The Sex3 homepage from what we can see looks to have been cobbled together by a fella who might be legally blind! The page is as attractive as the ass end of a chicken and has a standard design. Impressed we were not!

     Videos in sections make the homepage here feel like home for your nosy cock! Random video thumbnails are the first on the homepage, followed by the most recent and the most popular. There’s also a short section that lists a few of the most popular XXX categories and provides descriptions of what can be found in each. The bottom of the page is where to look for a decent list of categories like Bisexual, Gloryhole, Goth, Bukkake, BBW, and BDSM.

    Let’s get back to the top of the page. Cool. This section is colored black to distinguish it from the rest of the page. It looks a little nice.

    The top portion of the page has links to sites on the porn network that Sex3 belongs to, plus sign in and registration tabs. Don’t worry, you don’t need to dip into your trust fund to pay for membership because registration is free.

    There’s a pink Community button at the left of the page, language options and a search bar as well. Main tabs are the usual stuff and this is what we will discuss next, once you stop scratching your balls!

Sexing Up A Cum-Filled Fella!

     Well, the tabs here are the Home, Newest, Popular, Categories, Models, Channels, Free Cams and Meet&Fuck. The latter two are sites where you get to meet lonely ladies who beg you to take out your cock and stuff it into any of the holes you care for!

    The Newest and Popular tabs have a nice content sorting function. Talking of recent porn, content uploads on this site take place at a relatively slow clip, with less than 10 being uploaded within the 24 hours we were on the site.

    The Models, Channels and Categories tabs all do what you think they do. There’s a good variety of sorting options to let you find the model of your dream. Models lack bios though, as do porn channels and studios in the Channel category. There are lots of models and channels though, which means cumming fun is guaranteed here!

    To make sure of that we went back to the homepage and had another look at the most popular XXX categories section that is near the middle. We clicked on Doggystyle out of the options available.

    There happens to be around 30,724 videos of this specific porn category, with titles like Balls Deep Pussy and Ass Fucking For Slutty Babe Diamond Kitty, Veruca James Fucked In Her Pussy and Ass On Office Table, Cheating Wife Samantha Bentley Roughly Fucked By Massive Dick and Ebony Pornstar Jezebel Vassir With Nice Tits Get Fucked By One Dude.

    All vids have a preview feature, plus tags that indicate their rating, runtime and when they were uploaded.

    Vids load fast and play better, and have a download option that doesn’t work. Quality is not all that great, but more than enough so that you can clearly see what you are cumming to.

What We Think

    Overall, Sex3.com is too easily forgettable. Go there only if you are tired of what Xvideos or Brazzers looks like.