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Rusuka Review

~ Pros ~

✅ Features porn from different parts of the world

✅ Awesome Russian porn

✅ Good search function

✅ HD porn

✅ Features popular porn actresses

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Not much porn content

❌ Few categories

❌ Poor site design


    Do you speak Russian? Neither do we. But that is certainly not stopping us from reviewing a porn site that is meant for Russians and Russian speakers who want to have fun and relieve stress the cumming way. This porn site is Rusuka.net and the name is about as charming as a pot of boiled beans! Sit back Relax and check out our Rusuka review.

Russians Keeping It Real!

    Rusuka.net is the typical Russian porn site if ever there was any. Everything here and we mean EVERYTHING is in Russian. Good luck reading titles, tags, and whatnot without wanting to smother a kitten!

    Well, we gotta be appreciative no matter what. And so, we have no other option than to tell you the Rusuka.net homepage has to be one of the prettiest we have come across this month. It was designed with style and class, with plenty of tags and picture thumbnails. The backdrop color is white and the overall site arrangement deserves applause.

    A search bar and some tags occupy the top of the homepage. We couldn’t make head or tail out of these tags, until Google Translate gave us results like Hot Porn, Czech Porn, Brunettes, and Super Porn.

    The picture thumbnails on the homepage are all of different porn categories. Included are Rape, Incest, Gangbang, and American Porn. One porn category we translated was of something called Made Dad Anulsing And Fucked Beautifully. If you have any idea what that means, kindly raise your hand!

    There also some female pornstars near the bottom of the homepage. We have a very long list of things we would love to do to these babes and if left alone with them will do our best to make their cunts and assholes red and swollen for weeks!

Russians With Pussy

    After a good look, we decided to see what the Mother category had to bless us with. These had a nice collection of porn that ran to 26 pages, and just about all were high-quality content showing pros at work. Sample titles include Double Penetration Group Porn, Brazzers Incest, Homemade Porn With A Blonde and Big Boobed MILF Wants Sex.

    All content here and on the site can be downloaded for free. Content rating is supported too and you can view videos in fullscreen.

What We Think

    Rusuka.net seems plenty nice. The content here mainly comes from big-name studios and is of high quality. Free downloads are a nice feature too and the lack of ads is a plus.

    Overall however we are unable to see the value of this site when many other smut centers offer similar content and in English too. Still, Rusuka.net should do if you mean to polish up your Russian and watch some high-class porn too.

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