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RubsGuide Review

~ Pros ~

Easy to navigate

Clean and simple site design

Covers escorts in all US states

~ Cons ~

❌ Extremely limited site features

❌ Escort profiles are grossly lacking in details

❌ More fake ads than most


    You can’t tell me that the owner of this escort site is not a fan of rubbing one out whenever the urge strikes! Why, he has to be one of those fellas that always move around with cum buckets and wank so regularly that the calluses on their right hands are bullet-resistant!

    Rubsguide.com is a site where escorts and massage therapists abound. The latter are not there for ridding you of back pain, but for tugging on your boner in the name of happy ending massages and spoiling you silly with Nuru massages that get you cumming in beast mode! … Here’s my Rubsguide.com review and you might choose to be like me and rub one out in honor of a classically beautiful escort or two after going through it!

Rub and Tug, Cunt and Blow!

    Well, only a very tiny percentage of the escorts and happy ending masseurs on Rubsguide have their rates listed. But don’t be thinking they want to give it away for free. That’s not happening. All they want is for you to reach them and for them to tell you how much to keep in your wallet if you have plans of fucking them six ways to Sunday and halfway to Timbuktu! That sounds good, but means these chicks can quote one price to you based on your perceived readiness to pay and a different price to your mate based on his perceived indifference to sniffing and sucking their cunts!

    One ad that I came across that had the rates listed was of a chick in Las Vegas. She’s the girl-next-door type with a pretty but relatively plain face, plump body, and nice tits. She says she likes sucking cock and cuddling, has a pink and tight cunt, and is willing to accept $120, $180, $220, $250, and $350 for 30 minutes, an hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, and a full day or night of action respectively.

    Another ad titled Golden Spa offers a wide range of erotic massages and cunt fucks. The rate is $20, $30, $45, and $60 for 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and an hour of fun respectively and that sure is cheap.

    Now, although finding listed rates here is energy and patience-sapping, I would say the chicks on Rubsguide charge in line with the national average. That’s great as it means your money can go further and you have more time to do more damage to the escorts US pussies on Rubsguide! Get to it!

Rub One Out For Fine Cunts And Slippery Gullets!

    Right on the Rubsguide homepage are what looks like all the states in the US, and most if not all of their important cities. For some reason, you cannot click on the state names to search for escorts in all of the state, but you are instead allowed to click on the list of cities beneath each state name and search for escorts in those cities. Filtering options atop the page lets you search for escorts or masseuses in specific cities, but there’s nothing like an advanced search for filtering escorts by age, race, thickness, popularity, hair length, cunt size, and the like.

    Now, the good news is that there are a lot of escorts US ads here. The bad news is that updates are often lacking and the last time new ads were published in a particular city might be weeks or months ago. Also, there’s a good deal of spam and fake escort ads and that could have been mostly avoided by verifying the escorts on this US escort site. And for some reason, no names are used here, and yeah, you gotta chat up a slut to know what name she goes by.

    Escort profiles on Rubsguide.com are astoundingly lacking in details. In most, there’s just a single sentence from the escort announcing what she's offering and where she can be reached and that’s no good. But at the top of each escort page are usually multiple photos that play in slideshow format. Plus there’s a Scam Alert box in the middle of each escort page warning folks to be alert if an escort asks for money by any means, as it is a scam and Rubsguide should not be found at fault in any way if money was sent and the supposed escort ghosts and blocks you.

    As for escort quality, that is a little bit above average. There are all kinds of escorts and masseurs here, and they all look great. But bear in mind that like I said before, there’s a large number of fake ads here. That means that any of the fine sluts on Rubsguide.com that I am admiring at the moment might in actuality be an out-of-shape 70-year-old former mine worker who’s doing stuff like this for scam purposes.

The Cum Is In the details!

    Rubsguide has a very simple site design and a very limited range of site features. The default background color is milk-white, but the top of the page has a red header that adds color to everything. There are Login and Post Ad tabs and clicking the former will bring up an option to create a new account if this is your first time on the site. The rest of the user options feature a trio of search bars that can be used to look for escorts and masseurs in different cities.

    Nearly all of the homepage is filled with a list of US states and cities, with a Contact Us, Terms, About Us, and Privacy links at the bottom of the page. Ads are not normally visible on site page, but you still got to watch out for pop-up ads. Spam is present though.

What I Think Of Rubsguide

The only thing I like about Rubsguide is the name. The site is largely a disappointment and anyone using it needs an urgent mental examination, plus a rectal exploration to be conducted by yours truly and his gang!

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