Rosszlanyok, Rosszlanyok

Rosszlanyok Review

~ Pros ~

Escort profiles are amazingly detailed

Profiles look genuine

Lots of options

A wide variety of escorts from all over Hungary

Language options available

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Site design is dated

❌ Need to be in Hungary to book your escort


    You horny, hungry, and need a pussy to bash for the day? Well, you can always go to the flat next door, since the MILF there seems to like the delicious creamy cum that makes its way out of your boner! Fuck her hard enough to make her spray the kitchen ceiling with her juices and she might get so happy she cooks you a meal!

    With your stomach full and your cock feeling on top of the world, this might be the best time to introduce you to a Hungarian escort site that calls itself Rosszlanyok.hu. Here’s the site review.

Unimpressive Homepage

    Before you make your way into this site, you have to click on something that says you acknowledge the fact that you are of legal age and know that this website is a den of iniquity that will destroy your innocence. Well, those are not the exact words, but you get my drift.

    The website is on the small side, with plenty of spaces left all around it. At the top are language options that let you choose from English, German and Hungarian, which is much appreciated. Scroll further down and you get to see a comprehensive treatise that talks about hiring sex partners and the like.

    Now, the Rosszlanyok.hu website is one of the oddest I have yet seen. Like is said it is on the very small side. There are login options located near the middle of the page, while image thumbnails on the homepage let you choose from varied categories. These are Female Escorts, Countryside Escorts, Dominatrix, Couples, Massage Escorts, Male Escorts, and Trans escorts.

    Also on the homepage are a trio of female escort profiles. I guess they paid well for the privilege of getting their profiles posted on the homepage, though whether they paid in cash or kind is anyone’s guess.

Escorts In Hungary

    The Countryside Escort section of the homepage was what I checked out first. I clicked on this and got treated to a screen filled with a map of Hungary, plus what seemed like a list of every city, town, and village in that country, with the number of escorts in each being shown. Budapest had the most escorts of all -1052- and that was where I went.

    Sorting options atop the Budapest escort section lets you sort escorts in that city by their face, age, availability, services, weight and so much more. That’s quite impressive.

    Escort profile thumbnails here have an image and once you hover your cursor over each image you get information relating to that escort. One of these was a heavily tattooed beauty who’s 40-years old and goes by the name of SweetMango. She has mammaries that are bigger than the pot I currently have boiling on the stove and looks like one of those bad girls you hear fucked a fella to death over in the next town! She likes to watch porn with her clients, loves getting fingered, and having her mouth filled with the freshest jism your system can produce. Better give her a wide berth if you can’t keep your dick erect longer than 10 hours!

    Another was a 29-year old escort called Michelle. She’s prettier than the first one, has the most fab bubble butt, and jugs so full I suspect a plastic surgeon did something to them. You can only access her by visiting her apartment and she doesn’t do anal, nor will she let you cum in her fat mouth. Oh, the injustice!

Living The Escort Life

    Gotta say that I am most happy with all the escort profiles I have seen so far. They contain a lot of information, plus enough photos and videos to fill a yearbook. Each escort has a phone number posted on her profile and if you are logged in to the site you can rate the escort, write a review if you have fucked her, and flag her account if you think it’s fake.

    More, you can also send direct messages to some escorts, but not all escorts have that feature set up and active. Perhaps these escorts grew tired of horny fellas messaging them about getting a free ride on their pussies and disabled the Direct Message feature!

    And yes, the escort profiles I have seen so far look quite genuine. I suspect there’s a verification feature of some kind, but I haven’t yet worked out how it works.

What I Think

    Rosszlanyok.hu suffers from a dated site design but does seem to be doing everything else right.

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