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RomComics Review

~ Pros ~

 Featuring popular comics like jab comix, zootopia, roadkill, y3df, nishimaki tohru, pandora box, smudge, milftoon etc

 It has a cool mobile version for those of you who would want to take out a ton in some closet away from home

 The site is updated very often. You can always find new content anytime you visit

 The site is free and this is unbelievable for the quality of content it fields

 It offers a good blend of porn reality for anyone and any kind of interests

~ Cons ~

❌ The website has questionable sources. The countries linked to its set-up are high risk areas

❌ This site has like endless ad's .This can be a turn-off when you are so horny

❌ Downloading of content is not simplified as one might be exposed to unverified sites


    With a name like RomComics, you would be forgiven for thinking this to be a site that focuses on the cheesiest romantic comedy-themed content that make you clutch your heart in envy. That is not the case however, because this website is all about adult comics that can make you shake like an epileptic whale in the throes of heavyweight orgasm!

    Part of our work schedule this week is on reviewing RomComics.net and its sister sites. We found out quite a few things that helped us decide if this is a site you can honestly point your throbbing cock at and spray jism without a care in the world! Be a dear and tune in for our review.

The Name In The Game

    First off, we think RomComics might go about changing its name to reflect the fact that it is an adult comic site, rather than one where you can see storybook heroes and heroines falling in love and kissing like they mean to suck off a tongue! Otherwise, we think this site does have some potential, especially if you are into high-quality comics that look like they were drawn by perfectionists who must have spent a fair amount of time cumming and jerking to their erotic creations!

    We kick off this review with an examination of the homepage. It is not the prettiest on the market, but the black background of the homepage does lend it an air of grace it needs. A search bar occupies the top right of the page and on the other side are the All Category, Latest, Sign In and Forum tabs.

    Here, membership is free, and comes with a range of perks. Non-members can of course access the goodies on offer here for free, but they are restricted in what they can do. So sign up for membership if you can.

    Click on the All Category tab for an alphabetical listing of all the adult comics channels this site has to offer. You can choose from Art of Jaguar, BDSM Fan to Expansion Comics. A click on any of these channels leads to a page filled with content produced by the channel concerned. More, beneath the All Category tab are a sprinkling of adult comics categories such as Incest, Brother-Sister, Artwork, Hentai, Japan, 3D Comics, Ben10 and MILFToon.

    The Forum tab directed us to TheDevilGame.org and the name was almost enough to make us piss our drawers in fear! This is a forum site where stuff like games, IT, adult comics and programming are discussed. There are a little less than a thousand forum threads and around forty-six forum members when we logged in. That is not very impressive.

Romance The Comics!

    In this adult comics site, the homepage has a bunch of games and comics thumbnails. By default the newest of these are displayed, but a pull-down menu on the right gives you the ability to sort these by title, comments, rating, and date.

    All these content have their title, tags, description, file size and no of downloads displayed. A few of the sample titles we came across on the homepage are The Poker Game 3 Full House, The Mayor 4, and Follow the Light .

    We found it impossible to properly preview content. For one, content can only be viewed in large sizes on other sites and content downloads are only possible on other sites too. Otherwise, content quality is sky-high and practically guaranteed to make your cock throb like it is being romanced by a bee!

What We Think

    We can only shake our head at how optimized this site is. It takes some time to figure out what goes where, the homepage tabs could use heavy improvement and content viewing is only supported on third party sites. There’s plenty of adverts too.

    Overall, while this site does have a lot of content to offer, we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone without the patience of Job and the perseverance of a fool in love!

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