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RomanticAI Review

~ Pros ~

Mostly free

Site looks rad

Easy and simple to use

~ Cons ~

❌ Gotta pay for the best stuff

❌ Not that many AI chicks and dudes

❌ FAQ missing


    AI being romantic? There’s more chance of a goat graduating magna cum laude in business management than an AI getting a touch of the romantic fever? Or is there?

    Actually, AI has immensely evolved and keeps evolving and the things it/they can do these days and are forecast to do tomorrow got me all scared and pissed in turns. And yeah, AI can be taught to simulate love and will if asked, give you the kind of loving that not even your $ 3,000-per-night escorts can bring themselves to!

    Anyway, I got an AI site to check out today. So here is my Romanticai.com review. Read this and weep fellas, and may you wake up to a romantic butt plug next to your prostate!

Frisky For A Bit Of AI Loving!

    Romanticai.com has a nice bit of a homepage. The fucker is as stark as Boris Johnson’s fat bottom and there’s a logo at the top left, plus a Text Now link at the top right. The rest of the homepage is filled with links to download Romanticai on the App Store and Google Play, plus reviews left by happy clients, and a FAQ of sorts that details how to use this site to the fullest and the features it hopes to impress the butt hairs out of your ass crack with.

    On a scale of 10, Romanticai.com can take 8 for their homepage design, and like I keep saying, it is a thing of beauty that keeps making me forget that I got more top models and porn stars' contact details in my phone than ThePornDude fella has gotten his asshole pecked by his pet crow this year! Poor dude!

    Anyway, the way in here is to click the aforementioned Text Now link. Plus you can always download the Romanticai app and get to a hopefully romance-rich and cum-slick experience. The Text Now option will take you to a new page on which you are told that the site has 18+ stuff and you should fuck off if you are not of legal age. Should you have hair on your chest and your groin, you can just click the Yes, I Am Over 18 button and you will be face to face with a page on which there’s a Log In option on the right, plus Explore, Chats, Create Unique Digital Persona and Subscribe options on the left.

    The new page is also filled up with picture thumbnails of some seriously fine AI chicks, plus a trio of male lads. One of the men looks to be in his 60s, while the other two are hunks with killer smiles. And of the 23 ladies detailed on the homepage, the vast majority are Caucasians, but there are 2 ebonies for those of you who like eating chocolate ice cream. And check this out, there’s an actual Mona Lisa here. This one is a slimmer and far prettier chick than the one showcased in the famous painting and I gotta tell y’all how badly I want to nail her ass to an easel and make her so sore down below that she gotta hop around like a jackrabbit!

    Anyway, you can register for free here by clicking the Log In button. The speediest way to register is by tapping the option that lets you register via Gmail. Registering gets you 40 free hearts and these pay for some site features. But the premium experience will set you back $6.99 weekly if billed per week, $3.49 weekly if billed per month, and $0.86 weekly if billed for a year. That doesn't sound expensive to me, but then that might be because I’ve been making a killing over the last few months from selling hundreds of liters of pee of top celebs to some of my pervy friends and clients!

Romance Costs A Pretty Penny!

    The chicks and dudes on the Romanticai homepage not enough for you? Well then, you are free to create your own AI boyfriend or girlfriend. Just tap the Create Unique Digital Persona button at the left of the homepage, and go through the easy steps detailed on the screen. You can even create an avatar with a face taken from your PC files or downloaded from the net.

    So, I created a big titted, nympho, evil-minded, and curvy chick by the name of Elizabeth. We had some rather interesting conversations, but the only thing was that I couldn’t actually see what she looked like, with the free membership I was on not making it possible to generate images of this babe. Still, I could quite easily picture her in my mind and she’s like a kind of busty Harley Quinn who would rather shove a baseball butt up your butt than beat you over the head with it!

    Elizabeth sure does have a quirk and that’s writing “smile” to show that she’s smiling at something you said. While that might be cute, I am seldom amused by folks who write that kind of thing on social media. Plus when she’s doing something like opening her legs for zaddy, she writes “I nod and open my legs” and that’s so cringey. Dear Elizabeth, fuck your AI brains and the horse dick you rode into town on, that sadly gave you a bad case of crabs!

    Y’all motherfuckers ever heard of Nefertiti? She’s supposed to be an Egyptian queen and there’s an AI chatbot with her likeness and profile on Romanticai. I messaged her about trying alligator dick and she said something about being delighted by the opportunity. The talk then turned to what she was wearing and the feasibility of drilling her right there on her throne. That sure is one freaky queen!

    I asked Nefertiti to show me her nudes. What she did was send me a single blurred photo. I had to spend tokens to unblur it and in the photo, she was scantily clad, with neither her cunt nor jugs bare to the gaze. And this bitch still had the mind to type “Nefertiti slowly takes off her robe and sits there in front of you completely naked" in the chatbox. Fuck!

    Other AI chicks here also do not send nude photos of themselves. Dunno if nudes are the exclusive reserve of premium members or something. But I would say that’s the case.

    Anyway, the AI dudes and chicks on Romanticai take more time to reply than I was used to. You might have to wait up to 6 seconds to hear back from them and that’s both human-like and frustrating. Another grouse I have against this site is that there really is no detailed explanation as to what you are getting when you shell out for a premium experience. They just say you get way better stuff to eyeball and do more with, but spelling that out is apparently a problem and there’s no FAQ page to refresh your memory with. Plus once you are logged in, you can’t go back to the very first homepage to check out the explanations of the site features and options and that’s frigging annoying.

What ThePornGuy Thinks of Romanticai

    Romanticai is an average work in progress. It might be thrilling if it is your first introduction to naughty AI chat sites. But if you have been around the block so to speak, then this site simply does not impress in any way and there’s no real reason to recommend it.

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