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RedGifs Review

~ Pros ~

Great site design

Sorting options galore

Solid content update policy

Verified members and content

~ Cons ~

❌ Can feel a little bit intimidating to use

❌ Not the most user-intuitive site

❌ No content titles

❌ Ads


Not too many people know of Redgifs. But it is a hot property at the moment. See, Redgifs is like Pornhub in that it is the premium site that all the other TikTok leak sites envy and copy content from, both with and without permission. You can’t search for XXX content on TikTok without running into Redgifs and the site has some pretty solid stuff.

Anyway, here’s my Redgifs.com review and a thing of beauty it might grow to be!

Red And Fully Nasty!

    Know what gets red and fully nasty whenever it sees a hole it likes? The answer is obvious of course and is that woody in your shorts you are trying to figure out how to walk to the bus stop with! Why not cut it off and reattach it with glue at any time? Or simply break it off and get it stuffed by a taxidermist and you can use it as a sort of intimate dildo on both yourself and the fuckers you wanna fuck up!

Now, Redgifs is seriously loaded. It has many pages of content, with each of these pages crammed with leaks and nudes. But what I meant by saying it is loaded is that, unlike almost all the other TikTok leaks sites I have checked out, this one has enough site features to make big-name XXX sites like XVideos jealous and furious enough to fuck themselves in the ass with their head!

The page setup here is both simple and complex. Black is the background color, but tabs and content image thumbnails are colorful enough to make the whole thing not look like a funeral on a rainy Sunday. On the contrary, the page setup is positively exciting and happiness-inducing.

The main tab on this platform is at the top left of all pages. It is a series of 3 horizontal lines of unequal length that don’t look like much. Hover your cursor on it however and you can sort content via tags like Lesbian, Gangbang, Teen, and Ebony, check out Trending, Verified, Horizontal, Following, Longer, and sound-enabled content, see which creators are the newest, most followed, trending, and verified, bone up on the FAQ, and community guidelines, submit tags and more. There are seriously more site options in this pull-down menu alone than in the entirety of many other TikTok sites I have lately reviewed.

Other tabs include Redgifs Cams, Trending, Creators, Images, #Tags, Verified, Live Sex, and Sex Games. The top far right corner hosts a Create tab, plus Login/Sign Up tabs. Registering here is free and comes with significant privileges. All you need to register is your email, plus a site name and password of your choosing, and the whole registration process is very speedy.

So, the Create tab is clicked when you want to create and upload a sexy GIF and the process is made as painless and idiot-proof as possible. Of course, only registered members can create and upload content.

RoyalCams and Nutaku.net are activated when you click the Live Sex and Sex Games tabs respectively. The Verified tab is where verified contents from members who have been verified are hosted and you have to do more than register to get the blue tick that signifies verification. The Trending, Images, Creators, and #Tags tabs all do what they say and there’s a very comprehensive and alphabetical list of tags in the #Tags tab in case you were wondering.

Creators here are nearly all female and are site members who post stuff. If you are logged in, you can follow as many of them as you care for. The best part is that you can follow these chicks and dudes on Redgifs, as well as on social media like Reddit, Instagram, OnlyFans, Telegram, and Twitter, and even on Pornhub and other XXX sites. That's right, some creators have Pornhub profiles, as well as profiles on other smut centers like ManyVids. As for Redgifs Cams, clicking that tab takes you to a live cam site by that name, where sluts like Sarah_Fun, Amarabebz, Disney_Sex, and Charming_Teacher struggle to be the first to pull off their clothes and show you the sweet flesh and slits you have been missing out on!

Other content sorting options include a search bar that’s just beneath the main tabs. This is basic but sufficient for the purpose. And below are options that let you see all content, or either images and GIFs. Below and to the left are some options let you change the way content is presented on the page. You can opt for a grid view, or make it so that content is arranged vertically. More sorting options a little way from this particular one, permit sorting by trending, top, latest and oldest, as well as by verified, following, vertical, horizontal, galleries and favorites.

Options like the above are pretty normal on most porn sites. But finding them in a TikTok leak site is as rare as coming across an authentic video of the Virgin Mary being dickmatized by Peter on Pornhub!

GIFs Are Hot!

    Sure they are. And if you tried hard enough there’s no GIF you cannot cum too!

Now, by default, Trending images are located atop the Redgifs.com homepage. Click on the See All arrow button at the right of the page to get more of that content.

After the Trending images, there’s the Trending Creators and Hottest Images section, followed by the Trending Tags, Newly Verified Creators, GIFs From Verified Creators, GIFs, With Sound, Verified Images, Vertical GIFs, and Horizontal GIFs section, each with its own See All arrow key.

For some reason, the stuff on Redgifs.com lacks titles. What differentiates them is the uploader and niche covered, plus the category they fall into. Also, the content image thumbnail sizes are not standardized and some are bigger than others. That can be confusing.

GIFs on this platform can be watched in SD or HD quality as per preference. They also have multiple tags and you can copy their link, share the content on social media, and add it to your list of favorites. Redgifs also has a top-class content update frequency and there seems to have been a couple of hundred new stuff at the very least uploaded on the day of this review. Plus there are no repeat posts, which is nice.

What I Think of Redgifs

     Redgifs has some faults, but is overall a very solid proposition and hands-down the best TikTok leak site out there. Yeah, it is worth bookmarking and a wanking follow!

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