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Reddit HomeSex

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r/Homesex Review

~ Pros ~

Hourly content updates

Nearly 300K members

Very easy to use

Lit content

Boatloads of customization options

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Short videos

❌ Requires a short but frustrating learning curve


    Reddit is the home of everything. On this No 1 forum can be found people of all sorts, topics of all sorts, threads, and posts of all sorts, and all types of useful and useless information that can do your life and bank account balance a world of good, or a galaxy-worth of ill! Reddit is easily my favorite forum and the way things are going I might soon create a thread about how much in love with my low-maintenance and ever-awesome right hand I am!

    Now, Reddit is also something of a smut center, with boatloads of subreddits catering to pretty much every XXX niche, from hentai and extreme, to celeb leaks. I am reviewing the Homemade Porn subreddit today. So join me and prosper in the wanking game of life!

Homemade Hot Pussy!

    If you are in the market for a constant and endless stream -hourly content updates are standard here- of amateur XXX content, then this subreddit got your back! It has 298K members and while all these wankers are never online at the same time, there are more than a few who are wedded to their right hand and make a point of keeping the subreddit alive via a constant stream of new content they either obtain from other sites or on social media or take the big step of filming and posting.

    So, the Homemade Porn subreddit looks a lot like every other subreddit. There is no flashy and tacky banner announcing that this is the site of possibly an unhealthy collection of amateur smut. The navigation features are standard and to the right is information related to this subreddit, like the total number of current and active members and the date the subreddit was created. You will also find the names of the mods there, plus a button that lets you create a new post in case you stumbled across an amateur video of your inbred cousins banging a banana tree or squirrel.

    The Homemade Porn subreddit also provides direct links to other related and smutty subreddits such as Wifesharing, Momsgonewild, and HappyCuckold. You can either check these out if you are in the mood to watch husbands being cuckolded, or message a mod and ask him to suck your cock and eat shit right out of your ass! And of course, joining up on these subreddits and all subreddits is free. So, knock yourself out.

Quickie Quickie Bang Bang!

    Reddit is Reddit and it is designed to bring people from all over the planet and let them have their say and wank their problems out of their system! It is a very simple creation that’s designed to be used by all and that means it is not exactly an option-packed wonderland.

    Of course, the site has many options, and these let you customize your Reddit experience to a very good extent. I love the fact that these options aren’t in the least complicated and are so simple that almost anyone can use Reddit regardless of how unused to websites and computers they might be. Like the site is so easy to figure out and use and that is one area that most other sites need to copy on the double!

    On the Homemade Porn subreddit, available options let you check out the newest, hot, and top-rated content. There’s also a window-like icon atop the page that can be accessed to change how the page looks. Like you can set the page view to Card, Classic, or Compact, and I much prefer the first, with the other options reminding me too much of the time I wasted on a slew of online forums in the early part of this century.

    The Hot new content on the Homesex subreddit includes the following: Sharing His Girlfriend With A Big Dick For The First Time, Piper’s First Lesbian Experience, I’m Such A Good Girl and I Really Did Fuck Him. The newest content on the other hand includes the following: What Do You Think Of Ukrainian Dolls? Love Wondering What Outfit She’s Gonna Wear Next, His BBC Really Stretched Me Out and My Pussy Looks So Much Better When It’s Filled Up.

    Usually, you can either watch content right on this subreddit or click their image or link to view them on sites like Redgifs and Imgur. And yeah, you get both images and short videos here and the image quality was much better than I expected, mostly because the focus is on European and North American amateur sluts who want to share what their ass, slit or jugs look like. For sure you can get loads of wallpaper-worthy material here and in fact, I actually download nearly all of my mobile wallpapers on varied Reddit XXX threads.

    Anyway, the BBC stretching video I mentioned before was a GIF of a woman lying on a bed with her curvy ass in the air, while an average-looking fella slipped it into her as if he would rather be elsewhere. This guy is white though and while his dick is long and dark enough to be used in scrubbing the back of an alligator, I wouldn’t call it a BBC.

    I checked out other videos, one of which was Small and Cute Asian College Girl Enjoys Fucking. It is a 36-second long video of a pretty, petite, and slim Asian chick lying on her back, with her perky tits jiggling madly as a guy punishes her cunt for being in his way! This girl sure can jiggle and her pussy must have been open for business for a very long time and I say that with conviction after seeing how that slit was able to soak up thrusts from an oak tree woody without splintering or cracking!

What I Think Of Reddit Homesex

    I love this subreddit. It is not the biggest, but it gets the job done. So go check it out to the fullest. And in case you don’t agree with my assessment, there will be nothing for it except to see if your sister will agree to shoot an amateur porn flick with ThePornGuy!

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