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PrivateVoyeur Review

~ Pros ~

They have a ton of content

You can join a like-minded community

~ Cons ~

❌ You may not find a lot of hot women

❌ Lots of confusion using the site at first


    You’re invited to peep at my Privatevoyeur.com review if you’re a fan of Peeping Tom content. I am tasked today with this serious mission because there is no other person that is better for the job and because my dick is long and big enough to act as my shield against any of the dark features this site might have.

    So, join me and hold my non-wanking hand as we go together on this revealing journey throughout this site to see if we all should peep at it naked or if we should dress it up and throw it in the bin.

Undressing This Site With My Eyes!

    The first thing I noticed after I had dragged my huge dick and balls into the site was that there was a page for keeping out the underage population. Of course, that security feature was as weak as fuck because even someone born yesterday could click that they are over 18 years and this site would start showing a pussy spread open in many positions. Whatever, I went ahead to see what their homepage looked like.

    Before I got into the homepage I read something on that first page that caught my attention. They said that the site was a merger of Adultism and Privatevoyeur. So, if you have a thing for beating your meat to content on a twin site then you’ll find this site to satisfy your kink. They claimed to have over 800,000 viewers daily so you won’t feel lonely wanking here. That is if we can believe their propaganda. Take all information with a pinch of salt if you want to enjoy a healthier life.

    I finally got on the site and my dick was let down by what it saw. Someone should have warned me that the site was gonna be like a forum. I would have prepared myself for a boring journey. I would also have had my favorite girl in my harem sucking my dick as I am reviewing the site so I won’t fall asleep. As you can probably tell, I may have a prejudice for forum sites and that’s why it’ll be a hard journey from here on out.

    As if it wasn’t confusing enough being on their bright as fuck site, I noticed that they had a section on the homepage for World News. I thought at first that the news would somehow be related to kinky stuff like the latest in the world of feet fetish but they showed me actual world news. They apparently want you to be filled with current affairs while attempting to drain your balls on the site. They even had a section for jokes in case the site isn’t funny-looking enough for you.

Bending The Site Over My Knee For Inspection!

    The thing about some forum porn sites that makes me want to fuck their assholes till they turn inside out is how they always wanna act like they’re a newspaper. On a regular site, I would know where to click the menu and be taken to see their finest options or features. With forums, you have to squint your eyeballs and search among the few thousand things they could be displaying to you at that point. I found the menu of this site at the right alongside a section for their discrete online erotic shop and some monthly contest awards thing.

    I saw that on the menu, there were options like; Amateur Photo Section, Voyeur Photo Section, Explicit Photo Section, Chat Room, Jack’s Hall Of Fame, Private Voyeur Shop, Recommend Links, Submit Your Photos, and Webmaster Email. Out of all of that, what really got my attention was Jack’s Hall Of Fame because who the fuck is Jack? I’m gonna guess it’s the name of the original owner of this site. You know, the one who would lead all the peeping toms as king and ruler.

    Their Voyeur Photo section is where I went to get a wet taste of how this site works. Content was arranged by the dates they were uploaded to the site so I quickly went for their latest stuff. I wanted that fresh nude pie and I wanted it ASAP. Their latest content at the time showed me photos of a woman in the woods naked and frolicking like some horny animal in its natural environment. She may have been the one who had the pictures taken so she’ll tease the fuck out of the guys on the site.

    Since I am your wanking wingman then I’ve got to warn you that the quality of the ladies that are posted here are less closer to supermodels and more closer to soccer moms with a kink for outdoor nudity. I clicked on more women and even the one that showed me a rarely homely Swedish woman didn’t help their case either. So, lower your expectations and fire up your imagination if you want to have fun on this site.

What The Porn Guy Thinks Of Privatevoyeur

    I’ve done my research and I’ve stuck my probing dick into every wet hole that appealed to me on this site and that is why I can tell you that while it is not for me if you have a kink for amateurish Voyeur content, then this might look like a paradise for you. If you like forum sites then it’ll make you jizz coming to this site. But I didn’t really find it that interesting. So, it only gets half a recommendation from me because some people might like their style and content.

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