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pornsos, PornSos

PornSos Review

~ Pros ~

Has good features

Is free and easy to use

No Ad's

Lots of categories

Plentiful content

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Content not actually hosted on-site


    You normally shoot off an SOS when you are in deep trouble and get the cops or emergency services on your case on the double ready to assist. With that being the case I am at a complete loss as to why the owners of the PornSOS website decided to tack on SOS to their site name.

    Are they saying theirs is a site that’s useful in emergency cases when fellas have been to other XXX sites and have been unable to cum as they like? Or are they advertising the smut on their homepage as being useful in times of snakebite, childbirth, air accidents, and the like? An explanation would be much appreciated, followed by a complete sucking of my dick!

    Now, let’s go see exactly what gives Porn SOS com the gall to add Save Our Soul to their name! Yeah, tune in to this PornSOS review, or I will make you an emergency case today if it the last thing I do!

Not An Emergency

    From what I can see on this XXX homepage, the only emergencies that need attending to are petite chicks riding cocks bigger than their leg and risking splitting themselves clean down the middle! With no emergency being apparent, I can chill and embrace my cock again like a long-lost relative that just won the lottery!

    So, the Porn SOS page is unremarkable. It has a background color of black, plus XXX image categories like Public, Japanese, Homemade, and Surprise filling most of the homepage and hovering your cursor on these will make them play you a preview. An alphabetical listing of these categories lies near the bottom of the page and exhaustive it certainly is.

    A search bar is at the top, and to its left is the site logo. 45+ million Porn SOS videos are written on this search bar and this boast seems to be as true as every morning woody you have enjoyed since you got acquainted with the cumming things of life!

    There’s a Categories tab next to the search bar, plus what appears to be a phone number that when hit with a cursor lets you change the default homepage look from light to black, check out videos you liked or watched in the past, log in and sign up. You don’t even need an email to become a member here, as a simple password is plenty and they will assign you a unique account number that you can use to access the site from anywhere.

    Membership allows user personalization and is worth checking out. Popular Videos, Categories, Videos For You, Liked Videos, and Watch History are the main tabs on the site. All but the first two are useless to you unless you hold a membership card.

Goddess On A Dick!

    Ever heard of goddesses? Well, they are mighty fine females who never look better than when they are riding a fella like they mean to suck him dry and make him useless for the rest of his life!

    Anyway, the Goddess section here has almost 40,000 videos. Sample titles include Sultry Dance Goddess, Exotic Chocolate Goddess In Stocking Nia Nacci Fucked By A White Client, Ethiopian Anal Goddess Bagheera, Ebony Goddess With Luxury Giant Tits In A Free Webcam and Blond MILF Handles The Cock Like A Goddess.

    Sounds like a sweet selection, right? Well, none of this smut or any smut on Porn SOS, in particular, is actually hosted on the site. Yeah, Porn SOS is an aggregator website rather than the real thing. If you are cool with that then you will be cool with anything that life throws at you!

What I Think of PornSos

    If you are in the market for porn aggregator sites, I think Porn SOS might do with a place in your bookmark list. If actual XXX sites are what you are looking for, then this site might not be the best bet.

     Overall, there’s really no convincing reason this site should live rent-free in your head and your browser bookmark and so to hell with it and its SOS!

pornsos, PornSos

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