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PornoVideosHub Review

~ Pros ~

Updates are a daily affair

Sweet site design

Lots of content

Content quality is great

Extensive language options

Free premium porn

~ Cons ~

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    You know, I used to envy gynecologists. Mainly because they got paid good money to don gloves and poke around in pussies that don’t belong to their wives or girlfriends. Just how cool is that! I could have become one, but the prospect of spending years in medical school reading heavy tomes did not appeal to me much, so here we are.

    As you might have imagined, I have more or less transformed my passion for pussy into a passion for writing about sites where pussies and assholes of all kinds, shape, and width get explored to the limit by XXX toys, hands and fingers, penises, feet and everything save for 16-inch naval guns!

    PornoVideosHub is one of the sites I am talking about. It is a classy place where you can see pretty ladies getting things done to them or doing things to themselves. To be sure, that is among the most cum-provoking sights that I and my third leg ever stumbled into!

Here’s my PornoVideosHub review.

    Classy Porn How You Want It!
I am a big fan of how PornoVideosHub looks. The site design is classy, understated, and as eye-catching as a chick with three tits and a spare pussy where her nose should be! The site background is a rich black and you just feel at peace staring at what’s before you.

    The homepage is not cluttered in the least and I am almost sure there’s enough space there to hold a bullfight. Tabs include the Home, Models Online-Free Chat, Promo Code, Report Dead Link, and Requests.

    You can click on the Promo Code tab and get stuff to use on sites like Keep2Share and FileBoom. The Report Dead Link tab lets you report a maximum of three dead links a day and have these corrected. The Models-Online Free Chat tab doesn’t work though, while the Requests tab lets users get ahold of particular works of porn they have a cumming eye on!

    We are still on the homepage, right? Thanks be! Now, the right portion of the homepage has a search bar, plus an option to select from an extraordinarily long list of languages. There must be 30 languages there and that much makes me feel uneducated for not being a polyglot. Well, at least I can speak in tongues once I have my dick jammed so deep in a warm cunt that the fire service has to be called for an extraction!

    Also on the right of the page are Category links like Anal, Gay, Feet, Drunk, and DP, with the number of content in each indicated. Recent Comments and Recent Posts are further down the page, along with a calendar, tags, and an archive you can search through. There’s a Login option there, but it appears to be for site admins only.

The Cunt In Your Face

    Ever had a cunt right in your face? When that happens it is hard to focus on anything else and I can swear that I had that experience multiple times on PornoVideosHub!

    The left portion of the site homepage has overly large image thumbnails of nude or half nude ladies, a few with something stuck up their cunt or asshole. These thumbnails are arranged singly and vertically, which means you can only see one at a time. They appear to have been posted according to how recent they were and apart from a title have category and tags, plus options to share them on an impressive number of social media.

    Sample titles include Miss Anna- Intense Nude Edging JOI, Mistress Bijoux- Armpit Worship Compilation, Bella Park-Pussyless Beta, and Bella Park- Weak Males Are Stupid For Pussy. Only four new videos were uploaded in the 24 hours I spent on PornoVideosHub with my hand on my slick dick, which is not all that bad. Sure, other sites upload content much more frequently, but I don’t think the site admins running things here need to be stripped nude, doused in blood, and dumped into a lake full of saltwater crocodiles. At least not yet!

    Did I tell you I wanted to be a gynecologist? Well, one bad chick on PornoVideosHub just had to go remind me how much I missed by not going to medical school. I came across her video thumbnail and just had to watch what she had to offer. This chick’s video was titled Huge Dildo In Ass And Pussy and was 20 minutes long and available in Full HD.

    I got faced with options to watch the video on PornoVideosHub itself or on sites like XMegaDrive, StreamTape, Evoload, Vidoza, and VideoBin. I choose to watch it on the site itself. Shown was a redhead who’s got some nice tattoos. She licks a dildo big enough to finger an adult rhino with and then sits on this like it had urgent business in her small intestines!

    This chick had a wondrously fat butt, plus an asshole she determinedly explored with her hands and digits. She has some skills and right now I am not sure if having her sit on your face would be an excellent means of traveling to paradise or a way of unintentionally committing suicide!

    Now, videos on the site can ostensibly be downloaded with a single click. However, the download button will only take you to Keep2Share and whether you can download something on that file hosting site without paying a pretty penny is something you and your bank account will have to figure out! Video playback is usually smooth, but playback options are limited, though the quality is good.

    As for how many videos are on the site, I honestly have no idea, only that they fill 20,900 pages. That’s a lot. Videos also vary in length, though most are over twenty minutes long.

    And lest I forget, comments are supported on all PornoVideosHub content. Not that I bothered to leave any. Yeah, I ain’t saying anything unless the site admins are gonna pay me for it!

What I Think

    Far as I can see, PornoVideosHub impresses in almost every aspect. It has tons of premium porn, a sweet site design, and a willingness to let you have fun for free. I do feel that listing videos on the homepage in a vertical fashion takes up too much screen real estate and that ads are distracting.

    But apart from that, the site is swell and easy to fall in moaning lust with. Yeah, PornoVideosHub is worth recommending.

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