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PornoTorrent Review

~ Pros ~

pornotorrent, PornoTorrentLots of Brazilian porn

pornotorrent, PornoTorrentVery fast porn downloads on this search engine

pornotorrent, PornoTorrentSite can be easily translated to English from original Portuguese

pornotorrent, PornoTorrentDifferent video qualities of porn available for download

pornotorrent, PornoTorrent Lots of categories to choose from

pornotorrent, PornoTorrent Enables streaming and download

~ Cons ~ 

pornotorrent, PornoTorrentSome content require money before download

pornotorrent, PornoTorrentNot possible to know when content was added

    Brazilians can be some crazy fuckers and can throw days-long orgies that could break a dick that is not made of steel! Sites like are focused on these horny folks and make available A-class porn from the best studios around that anyone can safely download via the available torrent protocol.

    As this site is Brazilian-focused, the default language is Portuguese. This can, however, be changed to English once you click on a sidebar link. This link provides less-than-perfect English translations whose quality might horrify a school teacher but is enough for the purpose.

Orgies Made Easy!

    Pornotorrent has a sweet homepage. The top right is where the site logo is positioned, and a little further away are links that make it possible to contact the staff, tweak the video resolutions, check out the supported porn studios and more. Represented porn studios include BangBros, DarkX, HardX, Hustler, Trans Erotica, and Tushy.

    The homepage is where you can find the latest releases. These include stuff like My Personal Sex Trainer, Fuck My Old Ass Hardcore and Big Honkers Drive Me Bonkers.

    Near the top right of the homepage is a search bar. Below it is displayed supported porn categories like gay, MILF, anal, lesbians and gonzo. We have a weakness for orgies, so the orgy category was the first thing we clicked on. This brought forth content with titles like Fuck Spree 2019, That 70’s Orgy, Hot Orgy Party and Neighborhood Swingers. We blame one of these vids for draining us of so many fluids that we were unable to do much work for almost a week!

    Before downloading the content you like, you can watch a short preview of it. This is quite useful in that you can know ahead of time if the video has the kind of things your brain matter and groin loves getting off on. Now, you can either watch each video online, or you can download it. There are options to comment on each video and enough linked categories are provided to make it really easy to find related content.

    We might have mentioned this before, but just about all videos here are from top studios and acted by pros who know how to moan and move around in ways that get your cock eagerly nodding along!

What We Think

    This is the site for premium porn in all its glory and its collection is so awesome we were still cumming in our sleep days after accessing some of its content! Thousands of A-class porn are provided and while we do not like the fact that the site is not oriented towards English speakers, that oversight is easy to forgive seeing just how sweet is the content.