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PornoPizza Review

~ Pros ~

PornoPizza, PornoPizzaLots of Italian porn

PornoPizza, PornoPizzaHas an active community

PornoPizza, PornoPizzaHas clear video descriptions

PornoPizza, PornoPizzaHas comment feature

PornoPizza, PornoPizzaHas photo section

PornoPizza, PornoPizzaHas porn stars access feature with filters

~ Cons ~ 

PornoPizza, PornoPizzaSite is rendered in Italian

PornoPizza, PornoPizzaSome distracting ads

    Is Italian pizza the best in the world or something like that? We have an Italian pizza house nearby and their pizza is full of creamy, crunchy and orgasmic goodness. Bite into it and you are on cloud nine with immediate effect!

    Italian pizza might be good, but we wager Italian porn is on a whole other level. To prove that we have been reviewing a few Italian XXX sites. Pornopizza is the latest site to receive our attention. So do tune in and see what we have to say about it.

Pussy Like The Gods! is firmly Italian. That means everything here is in Italian and there are no options to change this to something like English. Oh well!

    The site design is the usual standard affair, with loads of video thumbnails. White is the default background color, but a tab at the far right makes it possible to change this to black. Also on the right are login and registration tabs, an upload button and a search bar.

    Tabs include Videos, Photo, Categories, Pornstar, Community, Channels, Tag and Porn Games. Other tabs direct you to porn sites like Bongacams and MegaPornX.

     A category list is provided to the left of the homepage, with categories like Asian, Arab, Blonde, Bikini, and Babysitter. Just above the category list are three boxes labeled hetero, gay and trans. Clicking on these fills up the homepage with gay, trans or hetero content as your cock prefers.

Pizza Porn Served Piping Hot!

    Thankfully, all videos on this Italian porno site can be previewed. The latest videos are at the top of the page, with the most viewed videos coming after these. Next are picture thumbnails of some live webcam stars and pornstars, most of whom look like country yokels.

    The video thumbnails on the site homepage did not appear all that interesting. Rather than log off and play some online slot games, we decided to see if the main homepage tabs could deliver the goods so to speak.

    The Tag tab has a very extensive collection of tags arranged alphabetically. The Channels tab was mainly about European porn channels we had never heard of like Porno Gay Italy, Czech Casting, Crazy Old Moms, Chubby Blondy, and Italian Hot Scout.

    The pornstars featured in the Pornstar tab can be sorted alphabetically or by nationality, and there’s a good range of XXX categories to be found in the Categories tab, like orgy, MILF, vintage, cougar, interracial lesbian, celebrity. The latter category however only has live cam models rather than leaked celebrity XXX and is not really worth clicking on.

    Nude photos aplenty many of which could serve as sweet screensavers can be scooped up in the Photos tab. Using the Videos tab we could easily sort content by various criteria. We choose to see vids in the anal category, with sample titles like Greedy Nymphomaniac Gets Hot Holes Smashed, Hard Video Of Three Way Sex With Double Penetration and Ebony Teen Creampied.

    Video quality is generally mediocre and the video player is a basic affair. While content comments are supported, downloads are not possible.

What We Think

    There are ads aplenty here and content quantity, quality, and organization is not the best. Overall, after much discussion, we have decided that we are not fans of PornoPizza and see it as a sour waste of time.