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PornoGrund Review

~ Pros ~

Plenty of hard core porn

Generic/vanilla porn

Lots of German porn

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Limited downloads per month

❌ Mostly poor quality

❌ Only MP4 format is available

❌ Lots of content from other sites

❌ Monthly subscription required


    PornoGrund is a German porn site and one out of many that are meant for Germans who are feeling frisky and don’t want to go over to the local bar and pick up a Fraulein for some sweet humping! Stuff here is in German, so we were obliged to either figure out what words mean or use a translator.

    So, what was our experience here like and would we recommend PornoGrund to you cock-afflicted fellas? Read on and find out!

It’s All German baby!

    PornoGrund has the standard porn homepage. The usual search bar makes an appearance, followed by tags, and main tabs that point you towards porn games, porn sites, and cam sites.

    Perhaps the most useful tab of all is the Pornstars tab. This where most of the porn stars on earth gather. Every porn star in the Pornster tab has a picture thumbnail that lists his/her name and how many videos of theirs are on this site.

    The sinfully-naughty Asa Akira, for example, has 694 videos on PornoGrund full of very bad things that could easily corrupt the most upright saint! Jayden James has 519 videos, Randy West has 299 videos and a babe like Skin Diamond has 333 videos. That’s a lot of pussy thrashing!

Picture Perfect!

    Porn categories in picture thumbnail format take up most of the homepage space. Categories like Teen, Swinger, Lesbian, Gangbang, Squirting, Vintage, Blowjob, Incest, Brutal, BDSM, 3D, Hentai and Group Sex are available. Further down are porn categories arranged alphabetically.

    The BDSM category thumbnail promised that it had almost 30,000 videos. That seemed to make for a week of fun and cum-filled adventures for us all! So, we clicked it and got taken to a page full of BDSM porn picture thumbnails. Clicking these thumbnails failed to play the expected videos. Instead, we were taken to sites like Spankwire, Porn300, Tube8, and YouPorn.

    We thought there might have been some mistake and so checked out every porn category on this site. But it turns out that PornoGrund does not host any content. That is as disappointing as going down on your high school crush, only to find out that she has a penis that is longer than your arm!

What We Think

    Lacking language options and disdaining to host content on-site, we can’t really see a conceivable reason why you should pay PornoGrund a visit. As for us, we would really love to get our hands on the site owners and put our booted feet into their tight German ass. That will teach them for wasting our time!

PornoGrund, PornoGrund

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