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PornLib Review

~ Pros ~

, PornLibExtensive category options

, PornLibPhoto albums

, PornLib

Active community

, PornLib

Good content sorting options

~ Cons ~ 

, PornLibCluttered site design

, PornLibAverage quality videos

, PornLib Ad's


    Doesn’t Pornlib sound just a little bit like a porn library. We are talking of an actual library designed to resemble a BBC or fat booty and filled with all the iconic images of the porn industry form the last hundred or so years.

    Is Pornlib.com a porn library? No. That’s a mighty pity though cos it would have made for a great library of the kind we would fight tooth and nail to spend all day at!

     So, if you are wondering what Pornlib is like, the best thing you can do is to leave your cock or cunt alone for a little while and see what we have to say in the review down below.

Eternal Fapping Cometh!

    Well, Pornlib has chosen not to surprise. That means it makes use of a standard looking homepage full of video thumbnails showing pussies getting torn apart by throbbing, gnarly and hungry monster cocks!

    The site design here is nice but unremarkable and the black background means eye strain won’t strike when you are browsing in the dark of the night. A search bar is at the top left corner of the page, together with a few tabs. The right top part of the screen has a big Upload button, plus sign in and registration tabs. Uploads are restricted to members only and you don’t have to pay anything before you can sign up.

    Tabs to be found here are the Videos, Categories, Photos, Community and Live Sex. We clicked on the last of these, expecting to find some busty ladies who would climb through the computer screen and fuck us silly in our office. That did not happen though, with the tab directing us to a site called Stripchat.com.

    The Community tab has members you can hook up with. There’s a nice set of tools to search through the membership list too. Photos and galleries fill up 19 pages on the Photos tab. For some reason, photos here do not load well.

    Disappointed we headed to the Categories page. This had a decent selection of categories, like 3D, Facial, Latex, and Strapon.

The Pornlib Experience

    By default, the newest tube vids are the only thing on the homepage. Options on the page, however, make it easy to sort these by quality, rating, length and the like. They also make it possible to toggle between straight, gay and shemale porn. All vids play briefly once you hover a mouse cursor on them.

    A few sample titles are Redhead Student In Quarantine Playing, Slutty Amateur Wife Gets The Hard Fucking She Deserves, Two Naughty Young Babes Take Turns Enjoying A Throbbing Pole and Hot Asian Wife Has Her Lover Devouring And Drilling Her Cunt. Videos can often take a few seconds to load and the video player has a toggle that lets you select from 320p or 720p resolution quality.

What We Think

    Pornlib still has a lot of work to do. The homepage, for instance, could do with more color and there should be a way to change the background from dark to light. We love the quality of content and the credible sorting options, plus the active community base, but we simply cannot understand why it is so hard to get photos to display like they should. Ads are a concern too and with just 480 pages of porn, we are deathly afraid that we could watch all vids on the site in just a week of fapping. More, content update is not the most regular thing.

    Overall, Pornlib.com does not quite cut it for devoted fappers like us in the fapping universe. They should take a break and make their site a better and sweeter one.