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PornKai Review

~ Pros ~

✅ Good site design

✅ Has some full-length videos

✅ Categories aplenty

✅ Nearly 24 million videos on hand

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Content quality is poor

❌ Mostly amateur content


    We are not exactly sure what Pornkai is. On the bottom of its homepage, it says it does not host, own or produce the content on its page and that these are merely added once searchers and fappers request them. In general, it seems to be a porn aggregator site but also acts like a porn site.

    Well, let’s leave what it is and what it is not for another day. Here’s our Pornkai.com review.

Pornkai Manners

    Pornkai has a homepage that does not deviate much from the standard form. The page appears to have been designed by a pro but could use some improvement. It uses a black background and not much scrolling is required to get to its end.

    There are no tabs on the page, but there’s a search bar at the top right of it. This search bar says that there are almost 25 million videos on Pornkai. Just think of the kind of pussy and cocks featured in these!

   Now, there are plentiful video thumbnails on the site homepage. These consist of porn vids, and categories, with the two having different sections. Vids titles include Hot MILF, Swedish MILF Has A Threesome, and Friend Watches Mom and Son. Should you want to view more vids, you simply need to click the View All button.

     The Popular Categories Section also has a View All button. You can click on it to fill up the screen with nothing but XXX categories like Big Ass, Japanese, Ebony, Big Tits, and Latina.

Porn To The Rescue!

     From the alphabetical listing of smut categories in the Categories tab, we had a hard time picking out a category we could have some fun with. Eventually, we settled on Tiny. Titles here include Tiny Asian Schoolgirl Sucking Cock Part 4, Her Little Asshole, and Daddy Fucked My Pussy So Deep I Cum All Over Him.

     Another was Tiny Teen Stepdaughter Hime Caught Sniffing Dad’s Underwear. This slut was indeed caught sniffing her dad’s underwear and touching herself in this 8 minutes long video.

    What was her punishment? Well, she was allowed to suck a long rod, before getting cock in her pussy in a reverse cowgirl style and then brutally banged in a doggy style XXX. We still can’t forget watching her ass high in the air, while her dad banged this to oblivion. By the end of the vid she was gasping for breath and who can blame her!

What We Think

     Pornkai looks ok. But there are lots of issues. For one, videos often contain empty links and will not play and some videos are hosted off-site. More, video quality varies widely and there’s no way to fix this. Video length is variable too, though most are not full length. Content sorting options are negligible and the site design could use better design optimization.

    Overall, with almost 25 million vids, Pornkai.com deserves looking into. Your dripping cock or slutty slit might like it!

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