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PornGrey, PornGrey

PornGrey Review

~ Pros ~

High-quality videos

~ Cons ~

❌ Too many damn Ads

❌ Lack of multiple language support

❌ Buffering delay

❌ No live chat sessions

❌ Annoying to use


    In a world where pornsites multiply like rabbits, it’s very vital for your fapping session that you find the perfect porn website that’ll satisfy all your nut-busting cravings. That is why I, The Porn guy, digital King connoisseur of all things fap video related, decided to grace the Porngrey website with my presence.

    Opening the site was like having a red carpet entrance to an Ad minefield, with every click a different Ad sprung out to suffocate the life out of my dick. After a royal rumble through the uncountable Ads, I started feeling some blood rushing back to my flaccid wiener as I started seeing some mouth-watering hardcore videos and pictures of different sexy, freaky, delicious pornstars that I could eat all day.

    So, stick around my horny cummer, as I give my royal verdict on the mysteries of this free website with my royal site review.

My First Look at Porngrey

    The landing page! As I landed on the homepage, an Ad mine field exploded all sorts of annoying pop-up ads in my face. After a heroic battle with the ads, I finally get to see some action. The homepage is standard, it has a white simple background with a constant floating ad bar at the top of the page. Beware of this ad bar, as it only leads to even more ads which is the ultimate royal boner killer for me.

    Scrolling down from the top of the page is just like ripping off that sexy sundress and burying your face in some perky titties. There is a slideshow of super slutty pornstars with their names and nationalities below their pictures. Clicking on any of these super sluts pictures will open up a collection of their videos available on the site. We all know how much fun it can be when you’re butt-naked in that dark room, Cumming hard all night with your favorite pornstar.

    Next up on the homepage are video thumbnails for different videos which are under the category; new porn videos. There aren’t any upload dates on this site, so for all we know these videos could be older than The Great Depression. I know you’re like how do I know about the Great Depression but trust me, when you fuck enough school teachers as I have, you start knowing random shit like this.

    Midway through the homepage, there’s another category of videos under the name “last watched porn videos” – because who needs fresh, exciting content when you can wallow in the shame of your own questionable viewing history? I just don’t see why this had to be in the middle of the page and not the bottom, I guess not all website developers have rational IQs.

    At the bottom of the page you can find a list of recommended porn categories, this option would have been better at the top of the page but somehow it’s at the bottom. You wouldn’t even know it’s there unless you wanted to read the terms and conditions of this site and what kinda nut-job comes on a porn website to start reading terms and conditions! And what’s more, the recommendations were basic as hell so there’s nothing out of the ordinary to awaken your inner freak. Maybe it’s there for a newbie who needs to be spoon-fed the kinda video they can slap their meat to.

    On the top right-hand corner of the page, there is a search icon, I always end up here because most of my video requests are what you might call extraordinary. The videos here were so bland they put my dick to sleep. I needed to give my hot rod some CPR with some freaky pussy pounding videos, so I dashed for the menu button hoping to find some categories to get my cum juices flowing again. But of course, the menu button on this website is more elusive than the female G spot to you normies – it’s right there, but you’ll have to dodge a million and one ads just to get a peek inside! And when you finally open the menu, it’s a suspenseful game of roulette. Will it work, or will it freeze like a deer in headlights?

Sorting through Porngrey’s content library

    It’s a pleasant surprise after all the ad barrage to find porngrey is stocked with lots of high-quality porn videos of different durations, you can even find some videos in 4k. There’s a snag though, these high-quality videos come with some buffering drama. Sometimes, it works flawlessly, and you’re in pixel paradise and other times, it’s like watching a slideshow from the ’80s.

    I then decided to check if there were any juicy details I could find in the comment section of these videos. As I opened the comment section I wasn’t shocked to find out they were mostly empty, which speaks volumes about the traffic on this site. Anyways, don’t expect to have quality banter during your digital circle jerk with other porn surfers on this site.


    Folks, The Porn Guy’s review of this website is about to be concluded and as the king of all online porn website reviews here is my royal decree; this website is more shittier than a male public restroom during a packed Friday night at a nightclub. With every click, you play a high-stakes game of “Will this button lead to the video I want, or have I just unleashed another ad apocalypse?" Spoiler alert: It’s usually the latter.

    In conclusion, If you dream of beating your meat to Ads and having them POP in your face, then this website is your dream cum true. For the rest of us trying to wrestle with our meat in perfect harmony and not without any interruption every 30 seconds, well, this site is definitely NOT IT!

PornGrey, PornGrey

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