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PornFaze Review

~ Pros ~

High-quality videos

Few Ads

Lots of content

~ Cons ~

❌ All videos have to be purchased

❌ signing up is required

❌ Some previews are too short

❌ Lack of multiple language support

❌ Buffering issues


    Today, your homie the Porn Guy will be deep penetrating the walls of a porn site called Pornfaze. After opening this website, I wished it was a person so I could break every bone in their body and dump their remains down the drain. Pornfaze is a 2-faced website that's shadier than a meth-dealing clown in a dark alley, this is because once you click on the site link instead of opening the pornfaze website you're redirected to a different website called “clips4sale”. Talk about misdirection! I'm tryna watch some hardcore nut-draining videos and jerk off till my hands fall off but instead am in the middle of what looks like a porn video yard sale.

    As the dark knight of porn video reviews, I will be taking this 2faced website downtown for a full inspection to see its true colors. I'm about to get my hands dirty as I'll be sticking it up this website’s ass and digging through all the dirt I can find. Stick around it might get messy.

Pornfaze at first glance

    Opening the pornfaze website and getting redirected to a website called “clips4sale” is already a Major red flag in my wanking books. The name of this redirected site says it all, it's less of a porn-viewing site and more like a porn auctioning site. This really boils my nerves I could just hulk out and smash everything in sight. Why would you hide a video-selling site under a porn-watching site, what kinda 2-face shit is that. I'm here for my daily cum unloading exercise and before I even zip down I find myself balls-deep in a video auction I don't care about. Don't get me wrong, I’d be more than happy to pay for my guilty pleasures but I should at least know what am getting into from the onset. Imagine you're heading to the strip club and once you step inside you're in a science class debate, not the same fucking mindset, am I right.

    Thankfully the porn site doesn't have a lot of Ads cock blocking your every move from beginning to end. Now, without the Ads in my way, I can continue undressing the fuck outta this site with my raw review, before I pin it down for a nasty conclusion. Opening up the homepage reveals a dark theme and a pretty standard landing page for a site such as this, they get bonus points from me for using a dark theme though.

    There are two icons at the top of the page, one is the menu sign in the top left corner and the other is the shopping cart sign in the top right corner, I know right now I sound like a wrestling commentator introducing two fighters about to go at each other’s nuts. Also, it’s rather odd to see a shopping cart sign on the top of a porn site page, makes you wonder; am I on eBay again trying to buy some panties worn by Mia Khalifa so I can blast my load into them while watching her pussy getting a nasty pounding. But remember the cart sign is there because the videos on this site are for sale. when you see any video you like, you can throw them into your digital cart and pay once you’re done video shopping, for you horny shopaholics I guess this is what gets your nips hard.

    Moving on and clicking on the menu sign will open a side window showing you where to log in or sign up, you have to do this if you actually want to purchase any clips from this site. Your payment wallet better be as full as your cum sacks if you wanna use this site. The other top corner of the page has a search bar to help you locate any personal preferences you might have. Clicking on the search bar also provides a list of categories you can choose from. Going through the categories, I was like damn! There are so many categories on this website it could make librarians cry. They had a porn category for every letter in the alphabet, it’s just too bad these are paid videos, if not they’ll have you cumming all year long.

Content varieties on Porn Faze; a shrine for fetish pleasures

    Now let's see if the contents on this site are worth paying the price or maybe we should find the site owners and strap them on a rocket ship launching them into space. Going through the homepage from the top to bottom you can find a whole lot of video thumbnails for all kinds of xxx videos available on the site. The porn site focuses more on fetish videos than conventional porn videos, from feet fetish to anal fisting fetish videos, you’ll feel like you’re in a voodoo store about to turn your Ex into a hairy nutsack and eat them for breakfast.

    Clicking on any of the video thumbnails will open a video-watching window on the top of the page but you’re only allowed to watch between a few seconds to some minutes of the video depending on it’s duration, until you pay for it. This is like a sneak peek into the video content to know if it’s the right purchase for you. I, on the other hand, would rather fuck a porcupine than pay for any of these videos, there are literally thousands if not millions of free porn videos available out there.

Porn guy’s final conclusion on pornfaze

    After I was done deep penetrating all the walls of this porn website, I have Cum to this conclusion; I won't be recommending this site to anyone who just wants to have a nice quality time with their privates in one hand and endless freaky porn videos in the other hand. This site takes all the fun from jerking off to your favorite porn videos and turns your wanking section into a business meeting with your accountant requesting why you’re spending all your kids’ saved-up college funds on latex fetish porn videos.

    In conclusion, pornfaze can get the fuck outta my face forever as a porn site but if you’re still thinking of visiting, better have your genitals and checkbook in hand!

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