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PornBurst Review

~ Pros ~

You can download any video

Very limited Ads

~ Cons ~

❌ Low-quality videos as far as the eye can see

❌ Only one background color option

❌ Boring homepage style

❌ Too many partnered porn site links

❌ Slow video loading


    Pornburst is a smutty porn site that promises to be a party bus for horny folks that need their nut burst. I could write terrible poetry about that all day but fuck that, we both know that you want The Porn Guy’s attention and special skills for another reason entirely. And no it’s not for getting me to reveal my sweet super secret techniques for shagging your crush till she’s crazy about you in one session. Out of the question!

    Yeah, don’t be shy ya perv. What you really desire is to know if Pornburst is the right porn site for jerkin’ your gherkin till your nut sack is shakin’. Well, you’ve come to the perfect place and by the time I’m done reviewing this free porn site, we’ll know if it is also the perfect place for you to cum to. So hang tight and keep a lube and warm milk for me because I’ll be sliding down the chimney with a load-full of honest porn reviews in my big red sack.

First Impressions of PornBurst

    I just got on the homepage of Pornburst and I confirmed that me and Count Dracula would get along just fine. We both love having multiple bitches at the same time, we’re both freaky with our teeth and we both would have liked it if this porn site didn’t open with a bright white background. Great! Now he’s dust and my eyes almost melted. I went searching for a way to switch to Dark Mode but Pornburst prefers that you suffer in silence, suck it up, and then get tempted by the thumbnails of steamy porn action instead. That explains why the Latest porn videos section is just directly below the name of the porn site.

    While the video thumbnails of all kinds of sex do distract me from the bright background I’m once again disappointed in how low-quality all these videos seem. I’ve noticed it’s mostly amateur videos mixed in with a few professional ones. I’ll just have to click on a random video here and see if my hunch about the video quality is wrong. So naturally I go for the porno featuring a sexy Asian porn star with her micropenis-wielding man. The video is named “Tiny but explosive fucking power”. And after about half a minute of watching this very poor-quality video, unlike the Asian porn actress, I won’t be pretending that I’m enjoying this experience.

    I have tried watching a couple more videos in the Latest porn section and they’re all just as low quality so I’m just gonna hope that this is the only section of the porn site that is infected and maybe the videos in other sections are a healthy HD. That’s what carries me to the part of the homepage where I can see the menu. The Porn Guy is finally ready to see if this free porn site can either redeem itself or if it's just another boring porn bust.

Undressing The Menu on PornBurst

    After fingering the menu option on my screen I’m finally shown the gaping wet pussy of this porn site. And it’s almost basic. I see the usual sections on the left side that you would expect like; Categories, Pornstars, Channels, and Live Sex, and on the right side I can see them trying to be hip with the section called Trends. On trends you can check out a trend like this; “Best interracial threesome” and what you’ll get is the most-watched video fitting that exact tag. More trend names are displayed and regularly changed but my interest lies on the left side. Why? Because most of these trends are putting my dick to sleep.

    After a boring ass time spent in the trends sections, I need a straight adrenaline shot to my dick to bring it back to life. Since I can’t get that right now or ever, I’ll go for the next best thing; the Pornstars section. If the wildest and freakiest porn actresses on earth aren’t enough to excite me on Pornburst then I’m gonna be officially retiring my dick from the game.

    I have seen some familiar actresses on their list and some that I only remember if I picture cum splattered on their slutty faces. So we are talking about famous porn stars like Teanna Trump, Mia Khalifa, Moriah Mills, Lana Rhoades and Autumn Falls. By the way, if you recognized every single name that I mentioned up there then I know you’re probably a serial failure of every No Nut November.

    I ended up checking out Teanna Trump because I wanted to make my wank great again but in the true spirit of this porn site I’m once again left utterly disappointed by what I see. At this time there are only two videos of her uploaded on Pornburst while the rest of the videos are in the Related Porn Links section that shows you videos of her that are hosted on other porn sites.

    This smoothly explains another section of Pornburst that also takes you to another porn site; The Live Sex section. I’m not even surprised that Pornburst doesn’t have enough steam to host a Live Cam section by itself. Instead, we are taken to a different partnered porn site called StripChat. This site is built just for live-cam action. Maybe you’ll have more fun there since their homepage smartly starts with a dark background and let’s face it, their name is quite catchy as well.

    The channel section is not even worthy of The Porn Guy’s words since it’s just made up of random videos posted on the porn site. I’d rather talk about the last section that has any life, We are exploring the Categories section. As you know, this is the section where fetishes are born and real horny men are made. Fortunately for Pornburst, they do not disappoint me when it comes to the number of categories available. There are about 54 different unique categories containing videos of varying video quality and length. This should be almost enough to satisfy your depravity. From Argentinian Porn to Hentai to Webcam, you’ll sure alphabetically find the category you crave to fap to. And also, you’ll earn your rightful place on Santa's naughty list.

What The Porn Guy thinks of PornBurst

    It’s rare to come across a porn site that makes you want to become a changed man. Yes, Pornburst has the honor of almost making me quit wanking and move to the closest mountain to be a monk that only gets turned on when a soft natural breeze grazes my open-hanging balls. Nice try though, but The Porn Guy is a man of steel and my cock is titanium.

    Even though there is a wide variety of categories for you to choose from, I still wouldn’t recommend this low-budget and low-quality porn site to my treasured loyal audiences. If I don’t like you though, then by all means I encourage you to start your journey to monkhood by going even further than me and creating an account on Pornburst.

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