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Porn4Days.club is dead!


Porn4Days Review

~ Pros ~

Its all free

clean, uncluttered, and eye-catching site design

Loads of top-quality porn from the best sites around

~ Cons ~

❌ Lots of Ad's

❌ No downloads

❌ Not too much content 


    You know me. I can wank till my fingers feel like they belong to someone else and my sperm ducts are dryer than the Mojave desert at noon, but wanking for days at a time is not really something I am all that eager to do. At least that’s what Porn 4 Days is suggesting, that we fellas give up whatever we might be doing at the moment, settle into a couch, dig up a generous glob of Vaseline, and wank for days till our balls ache so much one might think they got boiled alive!

    Seriously though if you are the type that can wank for days at a time, better check yourself into the hospital. There’s no need at all to be that kind of an avid wanker, not even if Beyonce herself is sending you her nudes and letting you see inside her pink coochie. Wank now and then, but making it a daily habit that takes hours at a time is asking for trouble and problems.

And now that I am done dispensing wanking advice here’s my Porn 4 Days review.

Wank It Brother! Not For Days, Mind!

    Porn 4 Days is just another free porn site that daily bombards us with porn of all grades and styles. Not that we are complaining, since fellas can never see enough of beautiful ladies getting their fast pussies shot up and messed up by jism-spitting artillery pieces!

    Anyway, let’s leave pussies and cocks alone for now. See, Porn 4 Days has a standard site design, complete with a white background color, tags, tabs, and video thumbnails by the dozens. The very first eye-catching thing on the site is a constantly moving slideshow of the most popular videos this XXX collector has in stock. If you need to see more of these, just a single click on the View All Popular button is all you need.

    Guess what’s on either side of the homepage. Why two half-nude girls who look like getting my cock in their mouth would make them very happy this night. For sure they ain’t getting to taste that dear pole of mine, cos my missus might have something to say about that!

    Now, the top right of the page has a search bar. At the left are tabs like Newest, Popular, Paysites, Tags, HD Sex Cams, Best Porn Sites, and Legal Notice. The latter is the usual cover-your-ass nonsense, so don’t worry about it. So, the Best Porn Sites is a direct link to ThePornDude, while the HD Sex Cams tab takes you to PornDudeCams.com. I wasn’t really aware that ThePornDude was running a cam site, but that’s his business. I wonder if his profits from this cam site are in the form of real dollars or real pussy juice, but again that’s his business!

    Do check out Tags. This has picture thumbnails that illustrate the different tags on hand like Big Ass, Anal, MILF, Teen, Lesbian, Squirt, and Natural Tits. As for the Paysites tab, this lists fuck organizers and cum shooters like Brazzers, Naughty America, Tushy, Elegant Angel, Mofos, Perfect Gonzo, and HardX. Click on any of these and you get easy and direct access to everything they have on Porn 4 Days. Sweet!

Cumming For Days Are We?

    Recall that Popular Video section I mentioned earlier? Yeah, the one on the homepage that moves in slideshow format. Well, just above it is a shortlist of some of the most popular XXX firms in the world, like TeamSkeet and Blacked.

    After the All Popular section, you get the latest videos section. One thing I like about Porn 4 Days apart from its clean site design and the presence of tags in abundance, its videos run for a pretty decent amount of time. The shortest video on the homepage was just over 14 minutes long, with the next shortest being more than 20 minutes long. On average, videos here are around 28-30 minutes long, which is decent, but you can’t get a preview by hovering your cursor on video thumbnails.

    I got to provide sample titles, right? Or you all will hold a riot or something! So, sample titles on the site include Victoria Cakes Got Them BJ, My Teachers Secret, Anything For Love and I Like To Put Things In My Mouth. Ever had a chick you wanted to drill all night? Well, you can get tips and inspiration from a flick titled Ride All Night.

    In the lead role was Ryder Rey, she of the fab booty and perfectly lush body. In this video of nearly 40 minutes, she strips to her undies, shakes her booty, and has her partner slowly remove her anal plug. He replaces the plug with his cock and fucks her asshole so well I can almost hear it sweat! Later she rides him in a reverse cowgirl, before getting on her back and getting enough thrusts in her shithole to make me feel sorry for her!

    These two change positions often and do a good job of fucking each other silly. Later, she sucks the same cock that was earlier rooting around in her asshole like it was searching for earthworms. What pained me most about this awesome clip was that Ryder Rey merely got her bootyhole fucked to bits, while her pussy went free. That doesn’t seem fair to me!

    So, videos on this site are usually of great quality, though the quality cannot be upgraded or downgraded. They all list the number of views and the name of the lead actress, plus the site the video was taken from, the approximate date it was uploaded, and the runtime. However, once a video is loaded, clicking on any video button often activates pop-up ads and these are a pain in the scrotum!

What I Think of Porn4Days

    Porn 4 Days has a reasonable number of top-grade porn and these appear to have been culled from some of the best porn-producing firms on the planet. Whether Porn 4 Days paid to have this smut on their site or are pirating them is not within my purview. The only thing I care about is that you can get great quality porn on Porn 4 Days and jack off all day if you are that bored, or that anxious to throttle your snake friend to death!

    Lack of download options, pop-up ads, and poor content sorting options are the only downsides here. Overall, I sure recommend this smut center.

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