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Poppen Review

~ Pros ~

Free (Mostly anyway)

Easy-to-use site design

There are a lot of escorts here

Loads of features and a community of devoted wankers

~ Cons ~

❌ You need to pay to unlock some site features

❌ Low escort quality

❌ Looks too much and feels too much like Facebook


    Need I remind you all that I have been checking out escorts and escort sites back when Moses was still busy seeing what burning bushes had to say on this and that! Yeah, call me an expert on all things escorts and escort sites, and don’t be too surprised when my work stats and gift of the gab win awards by the boatload and blowjobs from top models and actresses who love the heft of the heavy artillery I pack and how I use it to fill them with rad orgasms!

    Whew! Felt good to get that off my chest! Now, it is time for business. On this day, I am going to be reviewing a German escort site that calls itself Poppen.De. Once you log in though, the site name changes to Fuck.com. I don’t speak German, so I have no idea what Poppen means, but for sure it does not refer to pigeon poop or fuck. But what do I know!

    Here’s my Poppen.De review and a mighty fuckster it sure looks like!

It’s Popping In Here!

    To be frank, the only way you will ever dive into escort pussy for free is if you are the richest man in the world and have the longest dick in the world by a mile! Know that and hold enough money in hand when booking escorts anywhere!

    There’s a variety of escorts on Poppen.De or Fuck.com as it is called. One called Lara will tell you very nasty things for all of thirty minutes if you are willing to cough up 30 Euros- $33. She can also send you a blowjob video, a video of her playing with her dildo, or a shower video for 20, 15, and 15 Euros respectively- $22 and $16. This Berlin escort doesn’t show her face, so it is impossible to know what she looks like. She however has a great body and is 33 years old.

    SexyPaula12345 is another Berlin escort I found on the site and she’s of the very adventurous kind. She’s a tattooed MILF with pendulous breasts who’s ready to perform standard service, full service, BJs, erotic massages, cuddling, 69, pissing, anal, and much more. Her standard service costs 120 Euros for 60 minutes, in contrast with 200 Euros for the full service. A 30-minute quickie with this lady will set you back 60 Euros, which sounds reasonable. That’s $132, $219 and $66 respectively

    Willige_Manja, just like SexyPaula12345 has little if any limits. She’s into French kissing, cuddling, anal, ball-licking, golden showers, stripteases, erotic massages, lesbian games, dildo games, face-sitting, squirting, and loads more. This fine slut charges 150 Euros for an hour of fun and games, plus another 120 Euros for each additional hour and that’s $164 and $131.

    Now, I’m gonna talk a little more in-depth here. Generally, escorts on this escort site Germany charge around the same as what you would get back in the States. You can book them for minutes or hours as your woody desires and most have little in the way of limits.

    Sadly, the majority appear to be amateurs and while you can get some very good fucking out of them, most aren’t likely to impress you with their beauty. But they sure do seem prepared to make up for that with their eagerness to please and are willing to do almost anything. So wrap that snake of yours around a light pole and give these bitches a call, today!

Putting The Fucking Heat On Escorts Germany!

    Poppen.De or Fuck.com as it insists on calling itself operates much like Facebook. In fact, it looks a lot like Facebook and has more than a few features that would be immediately familiar to users of that social media giant.

    Rather than an escort site, this looks more like a community of fellows who come together to talk about all things sex and hire escorts on the site when they need to put their woody someplace that’s not freezing! But later on the site features. Now is the time to talk about escort profiles found on Poppen De.

    The site at the time of this review had 25 pages of escort ads, with most escort profiles having an image or two. Escort profile thumbnails generally have the name and age of the escort concerned. Also given is the last time she was online, plus her distance from a certain location. The Last Online feature is of course the kind of stuff you will find on Whatsapp and Facebook. You can change the way the escort ads are displayed by clicking on display options at the top right of the page and also filter escorts by VIP, though the latter option is not free and will require a membership upgrade. Turning off display ads also requires a membership upgrade.

    Escort profiles on Poppen are detailed enough. Each profile lists what the escort is interested in, like men, couples, or ladies, and what she’s looking for, like dating, a relationship, or a one-night stand, plus a brief bio and details as to services rendered. You can leave comments on all escort profile pages, but only if you are a VIP member. Like I said, this site operates almost like Facebook and that means you can scroll down each escort profile page to see what the escort has posted as her status update, starting from when she signed up as a member of this German escort site.

    At the top left of escort profile pages are options to send the escort a gift, flirt with her, send her a mail, or add her to your favorites list. Gifts are not free, and flirts are not free either. Sending mail works, but not if the escort is using a filter that lets her screen out folks she doesn’t want to talk to. Also found on the right side of profile pages is a long list of personal details like age, height, weight, body shape, ethnicity, languages spoken, phone number, and the like.

    And yes, image galleries are typically available and these can be browsed through in slideshow format. But not all escorts post their photos and it is not because they are feeling shy.

Giving A Fuck The Hoely Way!

    I said it before and I will say it again- Poppen.De or Fuck.com appears to borrow the look and feel of Facebook. If you are logged in and someone else is ten feet behind you, they are very likely to believe that you are checking out stuff on Facebook, since the two sites look amazingly alike. Indeed, the first time I was on the site, I thought I might have mistakenly wandered into Facebook or something.

    Now, before you can see what Poppen De can do for that snake that you hold dear, you have to first register. Registration is free, requiring an email and password and they will send a confirmation link to the email you provided. Once in, you can set up your user profile as you like and choose from varied language options.

    Tabs at the top of your profile page let you check out the newest members, old members, and the news feed. The newest posts and pics fill up most of the page and the very top has a search bar and a notification tab at the left, with the Browse, Chat, and Community tabs on the opposite corner. All three of the latter have pull-down menus and the Browse tab is where escorts can most easily be found.

    The site design can be assessed as fair and there’s a small number of ads that are removable once you take the option of upgrading your membership and forking over some money. Site features are adequate, but not really spectacular.

What I Think

    First of all, I wouldn’t be all that amazed to wake up tomorrow and hear that Mack Zuckerberg wants to sue Fuck.com or Poppen.De for ripping off Facebook! I am no lawyer, but he looks to have a good case!

    Anyway, Poppen.de or Fuck.com is adequate. There are a lot of site features here, but the escorts are mostly of the average kind. Good thing they love to get freaky in the bedroom and don’t cost an arm or piss vinegar!

    Anyway, this escort site is worth recommending. And that means you are free to pop in with an erect woody or two and have a look at any open pussy you care for!

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