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PopJav Review

~ Pros ~


Good site design

Nice selection of options

Plenty of tags and categories

Videos are all full-length

High-quality content

Language options

~ Cons ~

❌ Too ad-filled for the user to stay sane for long

❌ Video titles are essentially meaningless


    In the world of porn, JAV is short for Japanese Adult Videos. You might not know it, but the world became a better and sweeter place when the Japanese began doing porn in greater numbers.

    I don’t care much for the men, but there’s something too unbelievably cute, powerfully arousing, and cum-promoting about slim and petite Japanese girls with their small tits and hairy little cunts that look uncannily like exotic fruits. And to hear them groan and whimper when their cunt is getting some thrusting love is to get some awareness into the importance of having lube handy at all times!

    Oh yeah, JAV sluts and JAV content never fail to get me waxing lyrical. Anyway, here’s my PopJAV.TV review. May it add some cumming pop into your sex life!

The JAV Is Popping!

    Pop JAV employs a standard and frankly unimpressive site design. There’s a black background color, tabs atop the page, and video thumbnails in evidence. These videos have titles composed of random words and numbers, which is something a bored computer might have done. Also, no preview is played when a cursor hovers over these videos and there’s like 5,589 pages of content, which is surely enough to keep you and your right hand busy for an eternity or two!

    Now, the site logo sits at the top left corner of the homepage and is nothing special. The Home, Hot, Censored, Uncensored, Amateur, Pornstars, Category, and Live Cam tabs sit below it. There’s also a search bar and flag at the right corner of the page and the latter lets you choose from a total of 3 languages. Creampie, Amateur, Big Tits, and Mature Woman are some of the tags beneath the main tabs and you can click the More link to see a very extensive and alphabetically arranged selection of these tags and categories.

    So, clicking the Live Cam options takes you off-site to a live cam site and that is to be avoided. The Category and Pornstars tabs do what they say and the latter has 109 pages packed with uber-cute JAV XXX stars that I have never heard of. You can sort these girls alphabetically, and by the number of views their content has had. The rest of the tabs do what they say and have content sorting options of their own and the collection in the Uncensored tab is hot enough to cook beans on a cold winter night!

Ad Me Up

    Sure, there are loads of nude and nasty chicks on this JAV site begging to be noticed. But after a couple of minutes on Pop JAV, you will discover that an ad is present at the bottom right of all pages. This is frankly frustrating.

    However, you can close this ad after a few seconds and they are mostly of chicks from live cam sites trying to snag new customers. These kinds of ads detract from the overall experience by a lot and the site admins behind PopJAV.TV should seriously ask themselves if the ad revenue they get for shit like this is enough to make up for the customers they piss off.

    Now, on the Pop Jav homepage, the newest videos of all fill the screen. Titles here almost look like chemical calculations or I would have quoted a few like I always do. You can sort this collection by date and number of views and there are a couple of buttons just above the video page that makes this happen. The right of the screen has a collection of videos that have been viewed the most that particular week and all seem to have 700K plus views. That’s some impressive shit.

    Want to watch a video here and fap some gems from your tiresome cock? Well, you first need to close the ad blocker on your PC. Doing this means your screen will be flooded with ads, but not doing this means that you cannot watch any videos here. Talk about being between the devil and the deep blue sea of sin and strife!

    So, I turned off my ad blocker and took my boner to the Uncensored section. Content here can be sorted by name, views, and date. Videos in this and other sections are full-length and the quality is adjustable from 480p to 1080p. You can also choose from among the servers on display and if a video cannot play, choosing a different server will usually load and play it.
Downloads are enabled, but that will be off-site. Some videos are equipped with close captioning and that’s a nice touch.

What I Think of PopJav

    There are a lot of full-length and high-quality videos here and these can all be accessed for free and even downloaded, but not very easily. On the other hand, to gain access to content, you have to turn off your ad blocker and see your screen filled with more ads than can be counted.

    Plus once your ad blocker is off, there’s like a 95 percent chance that anything and anywhere you click on will trigger a pop-up ad. Like you have to press the Play button on a video multiple times before it does what you want it to, rather than opening a new tab you aren’t in the least interested in. That’s madness.

    Overall, I would say that Pop JAV is good enough for the purpose, but simply too ad-filled to be usable for long. If I were you, I would visit occasionally, but hold off on bookmarking the site till the admins have seen fit to clean it of the many ads it is afflicted with.

    I like Pop JAV, to be honest, but having to watch ads just to watch a video there is the kind of sacrifice I am not prepared to make for now, not when I can get the same content elsewhere without being drowned in a veritable deluge of ads.

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