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Poimel Review

~ Pros ~

Has porn categories to pick from

Lots of Russian porn

Clear video descriptions

~ Cons ~

❌ Few porn categories

❌ Site is rendered in Russian

❌ The site is slow

❌ Lacks some porn site functions

❌ Poor site design


    Now we are in quarantine and can’t go to bars and the like, the only pleasure left is to dig into a jar of Vaseline and fap like we mean to break it! If you are a fapping master you might by now have tired of mainstream sites like Pornhub. In that case, there are loads of other sites you can browse through full of chicks getting their ass splayed and their holes cleaned and trawled by cocks big enough to choke a horse! Poimel.live falls in the rank of such little known sites and like the merciful bastards we are we will be giving it a good review your cock can only benefit from!… Here we go!

Pummel That Cock, Pardner!

    Poimel.live is a Russian porn site that sadly does not make allowances for the fact that not everyone can speak Russian. It has the classic porn site look and is rather well-designed and appealing to the senses. The homepage has an assortment of video thumbnails and you can sort through these by date, number of views and rating.

    There are no login or registration tabs here, or standard tabs. To the left of the page are related XXX categories that translated into stuff like Pornstar, Anal Porn, Lesbian Porn, Group Porn, and Public.

Taking It In The Poimel!

    Given the fact that the XXX on the homepage looked quite promising, we didn’t see the importance of sorting the content on this porn site by employing the provided filtration tools. Still, to be one the safe side we decided to sort content by rating. This proved hard because the page took a long time to load.

    So, we went back to the default homepage, viewing videos at random. Sample titles include Anal Two Escort Models, Drunk Wants To Fuck and Tied Up His Wife and Fucks. Blame the translation app for the terrible English.

    Videos play acceptably well but can take a long time to load. Pages load slowly too, but that might just be our network. Videos don’t have a preview function, but content rating is enabled. The video player here is a basic affair and you can forget about downloading anything.

What We Think

    Poimel.live is just what your mama meant when she was telling you to never trust your eyeballs! This site has a pretty homepage and lacks ads, but getting a page or video to load can be as tiresome as having a catfight with your ex!

    Overall, we will pass on this. You should zip up as well and take your cock to a better site that would make it feel more welcome!

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