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PissHamster Review

~ Pros ~


Easy to use

Lots of content

Tag's galore

Extensive language support

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Very boring and dated site design

❌ Not enough user options

❌ Pop-up ads


    Well, well, it turns out that telling someone to piss off might not be the insult you thought it was. The simple reason is that there are people dearly in love with piss and asking them to piss off would be roughly equivalent to telling me to go wank to a video of my dear Ariana Grande slobbering all over a cream-covered woody! Or am I muddling my comparisons? No matter.

    Piss, golden showers, and whatever you prefer to call it has a colorful history in the world of eroticism. I’ve never dabbled in it, but many times I have wondered how it would feel to have a very pretty lady pee in my mouth, or all over my body. I might soon give into this fantasy of mine, just for research and data-crunching purposes of course!

    Now, most XXX sites cater to the pee genre and have lots of videos for pee fanatics to go crazy over. PissHamster on the other hand is all about pee and its content reflects that to the limit. Here’s my PissHamster.com review. Read it and piss off!

Piss Lovely Site

    PissHamster has a homepage design and layout that looks far too ordinary for the liquid content on show! The design follows the standard format, with a black background color, tabs, and popular categories at the top, and tags at the bottom, plus names of XXX stars that either love pissing, or have been featured in pissful content. These stars include Adriana Chechik, Veronica Rodriguez, Megan Rain, and Abella Danger and I really did not know that these goddesses pee and have normal bodily functions!

    Most of the homepage is taken up by video image thumbnails with titles like Fisted Cunt Loaded With Pee, Slut Teen Piss In KFC Toilet, Nasty Indian BBW Slut Gets Pissed On and Son Fucks Mom Anal When She Pissing. All videos play a preview whenever a cursor hovers over them and all have tags that indicate their runtime, quality, rating, and number of views garnered so far.

    Both amateur and professional piss porn are in evidence here and there are 451 pages of content in total. Content sorting options on the homepage permit focusing on the newest, most viewed, best and longest content. The average video length is from 5-6 minutes.

    Now, let’s get back to the top of the homepage. At the top left is the site logo and this is of a nude guy pissing. The image looks a little like someone I know, but that could just be my cataracts talking! Beneath the site logo is a search bar and this does not have any advanced search functionalities.

    At the far right of the PissHamster homepage is a language menu. English is supported by default, but there are 24 languages in this menu for you to pick and choose from. The Home, Categories, Tags, Pornstars, The Porn Dude, Hardcore Videos, and PornBaker tabs are next and these are sited underneath the language option. The last three tabs take you off site to a porn review site, and an XXX site, plus an extreme XXX site.

    So, there’s a very exhaustive selection of tags waiting to be accessed by clicking the Tag tab. These tags fill 4 pages and there has to be a couple thousand of them at the very least. Luckily they are arranged alphabetically, though the first page has a small list of trending tags that you might want to drown your eyeballs in.

    Think that was impressive? That’s because you have yet to make the trip to the Pornstars tab. There are 44 pages of XXX stars here of both sexes and they are simply those stars that at one time or the other pissed or got pissed while a camera was recording. A profile or statistics page on these stars is not available and you simply click on their image thumbnail to go to their pissing content, which in most cases is just a single video. However, if it is a big star, she or he is very likely to have multiple pages filled with content that will take you several hours to watch.

    The Categories tab is surprisingly less packed than I thought it would be. There are less than 90 categories here, ranging from Asian, Amateur, and Piss in Car to Wet Panties and Watersport.

Piss And Believe!

    So, Piss Hamster is not for everyone, but then you should have known that well before now. Like there’s a lot of pissing going on here and though it does feel cute watching a lady pee on a big screen, the novelty wears off fast unless you are into that kind of thing and it turns you on better than a Binance account with 100 Bitcoins sitting pretty in it!

    There’s a lot of ways you can access the content here. You can check out the tags, categories, or pornstars tab, or simply try your luck on the homepage. The problem with the latter option is that nearly everything on the homepage is all about amateurs, with barely a pro-level video in sight. Of course, that’s cool if amateurs pissing like mad are what helps you get the spicy cum out of your system!

    You might opt to do what I did by going to the Pornstars section and picking out a big-name pornstar that appeals to you. The girl I choose was Veronica Rodriguez and there were 2 pages of her content to be had on PissHamster.com. In some she was solo and in others, she was with either a girl or guy. After much deliberation, I settled on a video of hers titled Veronica Rodriguez Stockings Hot Orgasmic Fuck With Big Cock. And yeah, the cock in question is big enough to crater the asshole of a mama bear, and that means I will fight to the death before I allow it come within a mile of my booty!

    In this 29-minute long video released in 2014, Veronica first twerked for the camera, before getting on a bed with a guy and making out with him. The guy kissed her, sucked on her tiny boobs, and then licked the cunt from her pussy if you know what I mean! She then licked his cock and got fucked in several positions by that monster penis with an up curve to it. No pee was seen though, and so I really cannot say what a video like this is doing in the PissHamster collection.

    Anyway, you can rate and comment on a video and report it if there’s something about it that you hate. There’s no problem as regards video playback, but the embedded video player is a very basic one with few user options. More, once you have clicked on and want to watch a video, you can only select from High and Low quality, with no indication as to what resolution either is. Videos are mostly clear, though some amateur content can be a pain in the urethra to watch.

What I Think of PissHamster

    Well, after having a stroll all over PissHamster, I sure do need some golden liquid to wash myself down with tonight! Now, the site is not the best designed or the most feature-packed, but it does have tons of pee-tickling content that every open-minded person should at least investigate.

    Overall, I would say PissHamster has done enough to get a recommendation from yours truly, though it could do with plenty of polishing and should dispense with the frequent pop-up ads.

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