Photoprepagos, Photoprepagos

Photoprepagos Review

~ Pros ~

Endless numbers of escorts

Good site design

Escort profiles can be very detailed

Loads of hi-res escort images to cum to

Escorts appear genuine

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Lacks language options

❌ Not very optimized for ease of use


    If you know what Photoprepagos means in Spanish you are getting a medal and a pat on the ass from me! This Colombian escort site has been attracting enough attention to make the alien civilization on Jupiter take an interest and is up for review today.

    As you know, a guy like me doesn’t believe in taking prisoners, so you can be sure that this Photoprepagos review will cover every aspect of the site. If I could examine the bottoms and peeholes of the site admins I would because I like to be thorough!

    Anyway, here’s my Photoprepagos.com review. It better hit the right spot or me and you are going by the woodshed later today for some mutual skull-cracking!

A Great Homepage

    One thing that Photoprepagos does right is its homepage. This is expansive and filled with escort profile images of the sort that make you reach for your favorite jar of vaseline. Don’t look at me like that, I am sure you got several jars of lube handy at any time, regardless of where in your house you might be.

    Where was I? Oh yes, the site design is easy on the eyes, but the default site language is in Spanish. There are no language options here, which means you will have to use a translating site like Google Translate to make sense of everything on the screen. Don’t you wish you paid more attention during your Spanish language lessons in high school!

    So, the top right of the homepage has a pull-down menu where folks can post ads and more. There’s also a search bar at the top of the homepage that lets you search for escorts by location.

    With this search bar, you can enter your current location in Colombia and find escorts from 0 to 50km away from you. Just above this search bar is an option to choose if female or trans escorts get the honor of gracing the homepage with their sexy presence, while two other options will when clicked fill the homepage with escorts from either Medellin or Bogota.

    Another search bar at the top has a more extensive filtering option and lets you search for escorts in Columbia by age, appearance, fees charged, hair color, body type, services rendered, and more.

The Escorts Of Columbia

    I’ve never been to Colombia. But if its girls are anything like the escorts on the homepage of Photoprepagos then I am getting on the next available flight and not leaving till my cock has been buried in enough pussy meat to make the spirit of Errol Flynn blush!

    Most of these escorts here have their faces blurred but every other asset is on show. Each image profile thumbnail has an image of the girl concerned, her age, and something brief about her to read and ruminate on. Click on a profile thumbnail for fuller information and you will get it in spades.

    With that in mind, I clicked on the profile image of a chick named Karla. What drew me in was the sight of her long legs and a bottom so small and pert I would agree to let an orangutan sodomize me if only I could have that ass to myself for just a night!

    This girl had 8 photos, each sexier than the last. Her phone number is listed in her profile, plus a link to her Whatsapp. The profile also contains information to the effect that she likes the most intense sex. Oh, baby, where have you been all my life!

    Another profile was from a 30-year old MILF named Adrienna who looked so hot I suspect she just catwalked from the interior of a wood-fired oven! She lives in Bogota and says sex is an unending passion of hers. What a coincidence since it is mine too! I am sure we are meant to be together for as long as I can get it up!

    Honestly, I don’t know how many escort profiles are on Photoprepagos. You can’t browse to the end of the list of escorts on the homepage, with the page always refreshing just before you reach the end. There must be thousands or tens of thousands of escorts here, most of whom look like models and are potentially as horny as a nympho with a burr taped near her cervix!

    Profiles look genuine, and if there are fake profiles they do a good job of staying hidden. All escort profiles are detailed and include services rendered, rate, preferred meeting place, and more. Apart from multiple photos, some escort profiles have one or more videos, which is a nice touch.

What I Think

    If it wasn’t in Spanish I would be the biggest user of Photoprepagos! Alas, this is a Spanish language site for those who are in Colombia and need to pick up female and trans escorts of a more than acceptable level of competence and beauty. And security of course, with virtually every escort appearing legit.

    The site is easy to recommend, with the caveat that only in Columbia can you use it as it is meant to.

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