Photokinesiologas, Photokinesiologas

Photokinesiologas Review

~ Pros ~

A swell site

Nice array of content filtering options

Verified escort profiles

Sexy escorts aplenty

~ Cons ~ 

❌ Only for Peruvians

❌ No language options


    Yes, I am still doing escort site reviews and yes, I am doing it in the interest of world peace and prosperity! I am just about convinced that an alien invasion of this planet will happen if these reviews are not written, and that is part of why I keep at it!

    Today I will be beaming my searchlight on a Peruvian escort site called Photokinesiologas.com. It has more than a few sexy escorts, a nice homepage, and plenty of interesting features. But is it for you? Read my Photokinesiologas review and find out!

The Homepage

    I haven’t ever done an escort site review without covering the homepage and I am not about to quit that habit anytime soon. Now, the Photokinesiologas homepage is generic but simple and adequate.

    Most of the screen is filled with escort profiles, with a control panel at the far right and search options being available. With these search options, you can easily search for escorts in Peru by location or based on their distance from you. Other options let you search for escorts using such criteria as their age, physical attributes, and the services they are prepared to render.

    Still, do be aware that everything here is in Spanish, which is not that much of a surprise since Peru is a predominantly Spanish speaking country. An English language option would have been nice, however.

Escorts Of Life

    I don’t think I have ever seen a Peruvian escort in my life. In fact, I never imagined there were escorts in the country, since I thought it to be a pretty straitlaced place where sex always happened in the missionary style and between married couples. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I saw a homepage filled with Peruvian escorts.

    There are around 30 escorts on the homepage by default, with all escort profiles having an image, plus details relating to age, location, and rates. A single click will show you all you need to know about each escort, including her phone number, Whatsapp link, and as many images and occasionally videos of her that you feel obliged to jerk off to.

    Hellen was one of the prettier looking escorts on the homepage. She’s a 19-year old Venezuelan who lives in the Lima metropolitan area but can make forays into nearby towns and cities for any dick-sucking occasion. She loves to kiss and specializes in deep throating your schlong till it gets to blubbering like a schoolboy in the presence of the headmaster!

    I had a look at another escort by the name of Valery. She’s Venezuelan too, 19-years old, and has the kind of pretty and innocent face you just want to shoot your load at! Fetish deep throats are her specialty and she must do them very well from what I can see of her mouth!

    Now, the way the site is arranged, you can browse escort profiles like a slideshow of sorts. Just click on arrow buttons at the side of each escort profile and you will be taken to the next or previous escort profile. More, all escort profiles have clickable category links like 19 years old, fetish deep throat, and the like. Just click on these links and you will see other escorts that match the criteria.

    And lest I forget, escort profiles here appear to be photo verified. That means you won’t be seeing fake profiles. Should you tire of the original 30 or so escorts on the homepage, just click the Load More option. Do this though and you will not be seeing the end of the page for a very long time, if ever, with the page constantly and ceaselessly refreshing.

What I Think

    Even if you can’t pronounce the name, there’s no doubt at all that Photokinesiologas is a pretty interesting site filled with very pretty girls dying for you to put it into them and dig up their spleen! The site design is simple and sweet and escort profiles appear to be verified and legit.

    If you are a Peruvian I got to say that Photokinesiologas is doing a great job of representing you on the world stage! Overall, I would very readily recommend the site, though it is useless to me since my cock is not long enough to reach to Peru from the US of A!

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